Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Peculiar Happenings.

Last week I had a strange ride on Steady. I didn't put much thought into it besides thinking, "that was strange". It was his first ride since he was hurt so I chalked it up to that. So I gave him over a week and today was the first ride since.

Today as soon as I started tacking up he started doing the "strange thing". I ignored I continued tacking up and got on. As soon as the ride started it all began. It is strange, peculiar and I just can't figure it out. I am completely stumped. It has never happened to me before and I have done all I can think to do to try and figure out what is causing it short of calling the vet. If it continues tomorrow then that may just be what I will have to do. So what is this strange thing?

I am warning you it is strange so it is going to sound strange explaining via the Internet. It starts with the signs that he is obviously irritated and annoyed and not really caring to listen to me at all. The he starts shuttering his skin on his right side repeatedly. Then goes on to reaching around and trying to 'itch' his side. Acting exactly as if he was going after a fly. But the thing is THERE WAS NO FLY!! No nothing. When I ask for anything, and keep in mind I am not asking much just a simple relaxed trot, his ears are back, his tail is twitching, he is continuing to try and "itch" his side while trotting, shivering his side and randomly throwing in completely irritated bucks.

So what do you think? What is going on with Steads??

 I have checked everything like tack, or actual source of something touching his skin and annoying him. I even got off and took the saddle off and got on bareback and the he was still wanting to explode so I emergency dismounted and decided to not try that again. I put on the lunge line and check for any soundness issues. He did not do any of the strangeness on the lunge. He started out acting like a prick (he has never been the best lunger) but we worked until we ended on a nice note. I decided to get back on and see what I got. He started out like he was thinking about starting it all but then I got about 10 minutes of mediocre trot work and since he didn't have his ears pinned, tail swishing, twitching or itching so I called it a day. Not exactly what I was looking forward to after spending the last 2 months trying to get him healed and sound just to get this strange behavior pop up. I have to admit it is pretty disheartening, I was looking forward to making the best out of the last month of the year that we will have enjoyable riding weather. humph...thoughts?

 On a more totally fun and kick ass note I am STILL on a Fox Hunt high. Here is another video for your viewing pleasure. at about 4:15 on the video when we stop that is the end nothing exciting happens after that so you don't have to keep watching after that :)


  1. My previous horse T-Bone would exhibit this exact behavior if I put any saddle pad with sheep skin or fuzzy padding/wool on it. I assumed it was an allergy to wool/sheep skin as if I just used a regular cotton saddle pad he didn't do it.
    Since he quit the behavior on the lunge - I may suspect a pain or irritation issue with the tack or saddle pad.
    That is weird though. Did he maybe develop some rain rot that is in the beginning stages?

  2. My mare has done the exact same thing. Side twitching, biting at it as if it was a fly and the first time I thought it was a fly, so I unhooked her from the cross ties so she could bite at her itch but there was nothing. I have linked it to bathing, something about the water makes her muscles twitch and spasm but the vet had never heard of it before. I recently learned of giving horses that tie up (TB's don't tie up but muscle spasms along the same lines) a bath with magnesium bath salts. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and the skin absorbs magnesium better than if we just give it to them in their feed (she also gets it in her feed though). take magnesium bath salts, about a cup, soak it in water for about two days and then bathe them with it. May help his muscles.


  3. Jetta did something really similar and after having the vet out we determined that it was just behavioral. She just randomly decided to act that way and it ended up being a good way for her to get out of work because I was so confused! She acted like being on the bit and going forward or any kind of leg aid actually hurt. I ended up having to be lunged on her so we could work through it. That and ground work because I didn't realize how bad she was disrespecting me on the ground as well. Just my experience. Weird stuff.

  4. never seen anything like that at all. How is all other neuro functions?

  5. hi i just love this blog......Im a male sub horse riding groom from uk and id just love working for you. Id love you to boss me

  6. perhaps he has developed an ulcer

  7. Sorry, no suggestions at the twitching thing-hope you figure it out.
    That fox hunt ride/video is AWESOME!!!


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