Thursday, May 28, 2015

Itsa Photodump and losing the fire

mustcloseeyes so.much.shine.

Ground tie?  Yeah I do that too.
Hey ladies how you like my crib?

Imma model you know what I mean...

Are you kidding me woman. Enough with the pictures already.

Some may derp but I am the derpiest

K ya da muscles doh.  I do alls the dressige.
Does a simple photo dump seem silly?  I could, maybe should recap my rides lately. That may be interesting to some but I can't even find it interesting enough to write about. Our rides are pretty much normal.  So much so it is kind of boring.  We could go out and get some crazy good scores at Novice.  Just boring.  See I have been at Beginner Novice for a good 3 years now and moving to Novice really seems like a non event.  There is pretty much no difference between BN and N.  I mean how much can one really labor over going in a 20 meter circle at a trot and canter?  One does not need 5 years on this one subject.

I find myself in a very strange place. Bored with Eventing.  I didn't think that was possible, I mean it's like the most exciting sport ever.  It's just like dressage at these levels is just silly now.  I get no excitement out of the idea of going further in dressage either.  I find myself either only wanting to go on trails or jump.  It isn't riding I'm bored of I think it's just that there is really nothing new to learn at this level.  Don't get me wrong I have no plans in moving up to training.  And that is probably the biggest issue. I have nothing to look forward too.  Nothing new to focus on.  My horse knows his job at this point and is happy to do it.

What would you do?  Have you found yourself in this place before? 

We do plan to go XC schooling Saturday with B and Monica and maybe that is just what I need to light the fire again.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

We're going places, baby.

It was our first of many trips with all horses locked loaded and ready to go.  

Pony Club lesson at a super nice farm so kid 1 lessoned first kid 3 went second(kid 2 stated home and went fishing with Dad. Remember she is my non riding kid. ) then I took the opportunity to ride in their lovely out door with a full course set up.  Fun fun times.   It was kid 1' s Very first Pony club lesson and they were awesome! Learning to see the diagonals like a boss.  But omgee The cute.

 I love my new trailer!  It hauled like a dream.  All the horses fit comfortably and the ride was easy peasy. Everyone had great rides.  Just a great day. Don't pinch me cause if this is a dream I don't want to wake up.   Here is the rig. I love my new trailer but my truck is still the love of my life. Rock on pony Peeps.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The perfect horse

I have to admit I periodically question my commitment to Steady.  There are many reasons I do this many of them have to do with self doubt and emotion.  I was having a conversation with a non horsey person the other day explaining how my horse acts like a complete loon when he gets left alone by his horsey buddies.  I have to say it IS a completely frustrating and annoying trait he has.  Her question was, "why do you keep him?"  He also pulls some dickhole moves once in a while and it comes up again.  But who am I kidding this horse is a complete badass and that is why I keep him.  I can only imagine I sell Steady and get another horse and they too will be flawed.  Maybe not the same issues but I know no horse is perfect and they all have their issues.  We went for a lesson on Sunday and Steady killed every single thing I ask him to do in true Steady fashion.  And he looks damn sexy doing it too!  It was our first time with this trainer and I loved her.  She picked out my faults immediately.  Oh you mean I don't pretend to use my outside aides as well as I thought I did?  I had no idea how truly dependent on my inside rein I was until she said, "put both reins in your outside hand.  HOLY HELL what do you mean?  I don't do those things.

I no western pleasure jump with one hand.  We were put on a 20 meter circle jumping two small jumps. Were boarded the struggle bus and struggled our asses off to keep on the circle.  Imagine to my complete surprise that my horse turned so much incredibly better when my inside rein was taken away.  So much so that we turned to the inside of the jump.  MIND BLOWN.  I s.u.c.k. at riding.  I could hear the gears turning in my itty bitty brain.  Wait, all the trainers previously weren't full of shit when they said I pull on my inside rein?  But wait I fixed that years ago.  Hahaha...yeah no actually you didn't.

And then to the oxer and that damn trainer says i need to just "be there and stay there.  You are making it way harder on yourself." Why you so ride so bad?  I bet you can guess that when Amy got out of the freaking way my horse just did his job,  jumping all the things straight, steady and lovely. Tiny circle to oxer through grid back to tiny circle and viola!  Steady really is an amazing honest beast.

 Trainer fell in love and then chatting after was in disbelief when I said he was OTTB through and through.  I am very impressed with him and so much time off over this last year he really came back just knowing what his job was.  To all those out there struggling through some sucky times with these off the track dudes I just want to encourage you. Even the sucking is part of the process. The really sucky stuff?  Yup that too.  Keep on keeping on with these guys.  They are worth it.
so damn worth it! and can we please acknowledge adorable Barcardi ear tips.

 And the days you want to sell them to any poor sap willing bid on them.  That feeling too is part of the process.  Not everyone will get it.  Who am I kidding almost no one will get it. "Why don't you get rid of them? " they say. " A different horse would be better,  more fun, less work." They explain.  But THEY don't know and they never will have the privilege of knowing because they think the easier way is the better way and the won't put in the years it takes to develop the most amazing partnership you will ever have the privilege of knowing.  So here's to all those who when shit gets deep they put on their muck boots and just start shoveling. So if you find that perfect horse you can keep him. I'll stick with my flawed OTTB. Cause that's how badasses roll.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dillholes...just because it's fun to say.

So I bashed on my horse in the last post I will balance it out with something less terrifying.  I will touch for about a half a second about my last posts that some construed as me having this strange desire to hear people bitch and complain all the time.  Uh yeah trust me if you were a whiny a-hole I wouldn't waste a second on your blog.  Cause that's just lame-o.  I said "REAL" which means good, bad, awesome and sucky. And yes life seems to go in phases.  It's like it wants to suck for like a while and then it wants to be nice.  I was just stating don't be afraid to put reality out there.  Some of us like real.  Though I do get that there are dillholes out there that troll around waiting to pounce and spew diarrhea out of their mouth. So I can understand why we have to be more reserved about reality sometimes on such a public forum.  Unless you are like me and you so blatantly could give zero shits about what someone else has to say about me or my life and that attitude I wreak of give off seems to keep the dillholes hiding in a corner somewhere. 

Enough of that.  I did share about my horse and him loosing his marbles and I was mad at him at the time but then he goes and is like pretty much perfect and I am all, "my horse is the best horse ever in the history of ever".  But really this is the first year that he has come out of winter just knowing exactly what his job is.  He comes out ready to work.  It is super rad.  I am afraid I may have to stop using the, "oh my horse is just green" card.  Cause yeah I don't think he is any more.  I mean at 15 it's about damn time he figures out the horse thing.  Everything is business as usual.  Transitions, jumping, trails. I am quite proud of him.  We are working on his separation anxiety.  Now that we live in pretty much heaven and we have the kids pull out there ponies to ride in the round pen, go out on the trails and going to PC lessons he is left alone very frequently.  Though I have yet to take both ponies off property completely at the same time.  He has issues.  He was running himself into this ridiculous frenzy.  Dripping sweat insane.  It seems to be getting better but I think it will take a while longer but do hope he can learn to horse alone for short periods of time.  Though I know he will never be 100% sane about being left alone I just don't want him to be dangerous.

Life has been incredibly good to me lately.  I still wake up in disbelief that I get to live here.  We ride over to the lake a couple times a week.  My daughter and her friend took their horses into the lake yesterday and loved it.  Though her friend chose to do a belly flop into the lake from her horses  He stumbled and she panicked and bailed.  I laughed my ass off.  We have gorgeously groomed trails that are in our back yard.  The guy that owns the neighboring land keeps them that way and is all about us riding, hiking, taking the quad or what ever else we want to do back there.  I am telling you heaven.

Can you believe all this is right outside my door?  I just can't.

I may need to consider doing something about the feral sometime soon.

Can you even handle this much cute?

Friend riding the bay, pre-bail :)

My husband gave me a pretty rockin' Graduation/Mother's Day/Birthday gift of a 3 horse gooseneck all aluminum Feather Light trailer.  FO REALZ!  I was afraid I wouldn't get to have a trailer for quite some time since mine took a shat.  But I was shocked when he was more pushy about me getting a trailer than I was. 

We went to The Oaks and The Derby and is was FECKING awesome!  We had infield tickets and that was not for me.  I am kind of over the super sloppy drunk party scene so I don't think I'd ever go back for it.  But my Dad has the hook up and we were swept away and taken backside and THAT was the coolest experience ever.  I have that feeling that some people probably get when they meet their favorite singer or actor.  But backside at the Kentucky Derby is worthy of it's own post so to be continued...

I officially fulfilled all state requirements to become a Licensed Massage Therapist and should be receiving my license in the mail soon!  And then I will be starting up my business.  In the mean time for the first time in over a year I have some time to start focusing on my passion.  All things are falling into place and I am actually thinking into the future season and the idea of lessons and XC schooling and showing are not just a far off wish any more.  I can start making them my reality!!!  So stay tuned for some actual horse stuff that is related to Steady myself and eventing!!!

Elaina and her Haffy have been kicking some major butt in the growing up department.  XC schooling, jump lessons and they even did a natural horsemanship clinic and an obstacle competition that they kicked ass and won.  That was a big proud Mamma moment.  They competed against kids that that is what they do and she just went out there and owned it.  The Haffy is really growing up and proving she is game for it all.

I better get my shit together and start moving up before she passes me up!

And yesterday was Mother's day so this Momma got to do what ever she wanted which was of course play with horses all day.  Steady and I had a light but perfect jump school and trail ride and then Bacardi's Mom came over to play with B, Levi and her Dad's horse Lily.  We had all the fun!  B was awesome!  But I will leave that for her to tell of her baby horse that played like a true grown up.
I will always think it is one of he craziest things that a year ago I only knew B and Yankee's Mom through her awesome blog.  She lived in Missouri and I in Indiana and now we both live in Ohio, are neighbors and we do all the horse things together!
Trails behind my house.

B, Monica, my truck, my barn. What is not to love in this picture?

Having all the fun!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Real Talk

Here it is.  I am just going to put some stuff out there.  You may not like my opinion but I don't need you to.  Yes I have been absent from the blogging world much this past year.  Sometimes you can't keep up with life let alone "extras" but I have been reading periodically.  And quite honestly it is getting old.  When I started out on this weird experiment I had no idea of what it would be.  Nor did I know I would get to become friends through this strange catalyst.  But I do have some great friends through the blogging world. I have learned an incredible amount by reading and writing and reading.  I don't intend to eliminate the blogosphere from my world but it's draw for me is diminishing.  I find myself scrolling passed more and more posts from blogs I typically have read in the past.  I started to ask myself why and I had a realization.  The less time I have to read to more I prioritize what I really want to spend my time doing.  And I realized that the blogs I scroll passed are too happy.  Weird right? 

Then I started to think about it.  I enjoy reading and learning and I can't learn anything from "look at Foofoo isn't she amazing and precious and perfect?".  All. the. time.  Now don't get me wrong I love to read about the highs, and the break through's and the successes.  But I have been around the block too many times to know that life with horses is sometimes more down's than up's and many failures come before a success.  Or at least myself and anyone I know in horses it works that way.  I am in no way saying I enjoy the struggles but that is where I learn something.  Maybe it is just me but I guess I have to learn things the hard way.

I feel I have been guilty of this in the past especially as of late because I hate to come on and sound like a complainer the once every 4 months you ever hear from me.  And I don't claim to have even a remotely interesting blog.  Why anyone would read my thoughts I do no know.  I am just putting an idea or thought out there.  Take it or leave it.  It isn't a big deal one way or the other it is just an observation and slight frustration.  Write what you want and what you feel you need to. It is your space and you don't need me to do so.  I just thought I would offer my two cents on the matter.  Don't be afraid to not be perfect.  Don't hold back because of the few fools out there that are just offensive.  I like the REAL you.  The good along with the bad.  Actually I may like the bad a little more ;)

And after that I feel the need to share an awful moment I had on Monday. 

The Setting:
Spring in the air.  Warm, glowing, spring afternoon. Grass is green trees are budding.

The Backstory:
Myself and two of my daughters (DD's#1&3) tack up for our first trail ride on the trails at our new farm.  And my 8 year olds first trail ride ever.  The spouse and daughter #2 are trekking out on foot with fishing poles in hand.  The plan: to meet at the beach.  I was unsure how it would go because Steady has been out of work for so many months and then on top of that he is typically quite a hot mess the first time out on the trails each year.  Then the last time I rode DD #1's Haffy out on the trails a week earlier she bolted and had quite the bronc display.  Which for me aboard is laughable.  Trust me when it is your precious DD aboard it is gut wrenching.  Like watch your whole world flying through the air and being completely terrified for their life but having to hold it together and coach them through it, hard.  And let's add in itty bitty DD on her kind and obedient but sometimes feisty pony out for the first time. It is anyone's guess if we will all return entact.  But I am not one to let nerves or fear stand in mine or my children's way of a good time so we went for it.

The Plot:
It was surprisingly a wonderful ride out to the beach.  Down the beach and all of them navigating some pretty treacherous terrain.  Think straight down and straight up a muddy steeeeeeep hill.  Climbing/hopping over drift logs and making our way over huge rock/stream bed.  My kids are fearless and it is quite awesome.  Steady was antsy but manageable and the ponies were angels.  We met up with the spouse and DD #2 and the corgi.  We played a bit at beach. took a rest on a log and then headed back to the house.  DD #1 says, "I want to trot some on the way home".  I explain that while I am sure she would be fine I don't trust my horse that much and I am so happy/surprised with the way things have gone so far that I just want to keep the rest of the ride stress free and enjoyable so we are keeping it at a walk.  We get to the steeeeeep hill and like the way out I explain again that there will be ONLY WALKING down and up this hill.  We go down, cross the stream.  Steady is in the middle at this point.  DD #1 and haffy in front and DD #3 in back.  For whatever reason an OTTB needs to be a complete asshat (i.e. NONE) he starts canter/rearing/galloping/bounding up the effing steeeeep muddy hill.  Did I mention how steep it was?  I really do not know exactly what he was doing.  All I know is we are already nearly vertical and his front feet are coming way to far off the ground for my comfort level.  I try to hold him back but it just makes him get higher up front so I say screw it and let him go and kick him on.  I figure even if he gallops the rest of the way up it is safer than rearing our way up.  He get's to the top and rears and spins.  And I am pissed.  Oh the therapy my children will need one day.  My husband said he could hear me cursing down at the beach.  I proceed to jump off my horse and beat his ass.  Report me to the authorities I don't care the horse got it from me.  I am sorry but you try to kill me you better believe you WILL regret it, not sorry.  We did some hind end yielding until he started to focus on me.  I got back on and he was still way to spazzy for me so I got back off and did a bit more.  Holy balls that was terrifying.  I am not scared easily but that scared me and when I get scared I get pissed.  We did complete the ride home pretty uneventfully.  Steady was amped but still obedient.  That I am used to with him. 

The Conclusion:
I was questioning my commitment to this horse on the way home.  I know for %100 fact that if this horse was in full time work he would be a serious bad ass working machine.  But that is not my life and it won't be my life for the foreseeable future.  I have too many irons in the fire for that to be my life.  It's tough to have such a freaking awesome horse yet not the life style to cultivate it.  In other words, amazingly athletic, intelligent horse without enough work gets board and makes up their own "fun".

Monday, March 23, 2015

Time to eat the elephant.

The idea of writing a blog post after so much time away with so many things happening in life is overwhelming.  I put it off and put it off some more but it is inevitable I will make my way back.  So I need to start somewhere.  I am taking my first bite of the elephant.  Warning this may not be pretty.  All the thoughts, all the things spilling out all at once.  It is just gonna happen so if you can't handle the ramble you may want to come back after I graduate, no start my business, no wait my writing has always been equally atrocious so if you aren't into bad grammar, and random thoughts you most likely do not enjoy my blog.

Horse related stuff:

This one is easy peasy. 

See it's done.  Yup blank space, that is all.  All horses are alive and well.  Had a minor blip when the precious grey pony decided she wanted us to meet the vet the very first day we moved to our new farm and colicked.  Though terrifying after about 48 hours she finally pooped and then wondered what all the fuss was about.  Gawd Pony don't scare me like that!

Life related stuff:  (move along if you aren't into life updates.  Its about all I've got right now since the horse action is nonexistent.)

I graduate from massage school in 3 weeks then I am off to Washington D.C. for a couple weeks of specialized training in Equine Sports Massage and Human Thai Massage.  Then school is done for a while.  Then I have to focus on the "rest of my life" part.  We'll see how that goes.  But here's hoping for more time and more money to ride, take lessons and compete.  I can hope at least.  It has been over a year since I have been able to take the riding thing seriously and that is not acceptable any longer.  I've met my limit.

We moved states.  We live in Ohio now.  Yup two people born and raised in Michigan living in the Buckeye state, oh boy.  Besides their over zealous football fans it's not so bad actually.  We couldn't have asked for a smoother transition in selling our old place and finding a new one. We pretty much moved into heaven.  For me at least.  We have a private 6 acre mini farm.  A nice 6 stall barn, 2+ acre pasture, dry lot with a run in shed with automatic waterer(perfect for a fat haffie) and a lighted outdoor round pen with decent footing. We are across the street from a nearly 8,000 acre state park and 3 acre lake.  About 30 miles of horse trails are right across the street along with a couple mile shared trail system in our back yard.  The only things this place could use is a little more pasture and a full sized arena.  The former there is not much I can do about.  It's the land we have and that is that.  Good pasture management is going to me a must.  The latter though will be in the near future.  If not this year definitely next I will have a lighted outdoor arena. We only have about 3 acres of fenced area.  The other 3 acres is wooded with ravines, stream, trails and the previous owner was a natural horsemanship trainer so we have our own private obstacle course in our back yard which is cool.  Did I mention a super nice hot tub came in the deal?  Oh yes I frequent that.  I actually watched my daughter work and ride the Haffie from the hot tub the other night.  Not a bad life.

OK OK I know enough with house pictures.  I am sure with many of you, like me, a nice house is an added bonus but when "house" hunting I'm not going to lie I always skipped to the barn pictures and description first.  Oh it only has one bedroom and an outhouse, but what is the barn like?  No for reals I think Ryan and I had this argument. I have no idea why this made him mad.  But hey at this point he is used to me and my crazy ways.

So here is the part any of us actually care about.

Six stalls


Tack room.  This was taken when I first looked at the house so it now looks like a proper eventers tack room.

And a few more photos for good measure.

The whole fam at the lake across the street.

View from my office connected to my bedroom

Living room window view

The horse trail runs just past those first trees.  A few hundred feet from my door step.

The round pen.

Picture from my dinning room table.  Can you spot one of our frequent visitors?

Literally my view as lay in bed.  One pony munching and the other napping.

One crappy thing came out of the move.  I no longer own a horse trailer.  Thankfully no horses, only stuff we were moving was in it when the axel broke loose.  Trailer guy said it's more work than what it is worth for us to get it fixed.  We haven't even had a second to address the trailer issue.  It has been sitting at the repair place for a month now.  Hopefully soon we can figure out what we are going to do about that situation.  I have a feeling the money I had planned on putting in an arena with, will now be used toward a horse trailer.  It is hard to complain about something that seems so trivial though and while yes is sucks. Life is still pretty damn amazing so I have not really stressed over it.

I did get to go on the most amazing vacation ever. It was mostly amazing because we got to go to the Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida eat, drink and do anything we wanted and didn't have to foot the bill.  My amazing husband was rewarded by his company for doing a great job last year.  They send about 25 of their sales reps each year on this trip and he made it this year.  The best part is they never send spouses along until this year!!!!  Hopefully they don't change their mind about spouses after they see the bill I racked up at the spa!  No joke it was literally in the thousands!!!!


I haven't had a second to do much sitting at a computer.  I can't remember the last time I sat down and watched a television show.  But life is simply amazing, hectic, wild fun right now and I am just along for the ride.

Trying to get 3 kids, 3 horses settled after moving states, school full time, moving 11 years of a family of 5 and a small farm, secretary of a fairly large horse show, leading the entire Heartland Region of US Pony Club I am finding it hard to keep life straight right now.  I do think I need to learn how to say no once in a while though...I kid, I am enjoying all of the things.  And it is always a good day when you can go to bed tired.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hillbilly Desensitizing edited

Edited.  OMG mobile blogger is not my friend.  I originally posted this from my phone then the next day read it from a computer and the ridiculous amount of typos.  I am quite sorry.

That is what we did tonight.   See all you need do do this is for a hillbilly family with their like 35 hillbilly children to move in next door and viola, your horse is desensitized to chainsaws,  lawnmowers,  bonfires,  screaming, screeching, running children, shouting adults.   Prefect. Well almost.  Except for the idea that living out in the country is supposed to be relaxing and peaceful. Despite the chaos next door we had a super super fun night.   I challenged my daughter to a bareback jumping challenge.  She accepted the challenge.   It was a fabulous post surgery first ride.  And E had never jumped bareback before so she was having a blast.
Just a cute picture of these two because, cute.  And jumping bareback and taking pictures or video at the same time is probably a bad idea.

We started with a bitty x.  She asked how this challenge worked.   She gave me a funny look when my response was,  "well you just keep raising the jumps and who ever falls off first loses".  What?  Do you mean that is not some thing that all mothers say to their children?   This is why I am winning at parenting.  Ok there was no falling but lots of fun.  We put up an 18 in vertical.  Once we both got our bearings then it got real.   2 ft then 2'3" then 2'6" then skinny log and we were tired.   We both were equally successful clearing all the jumps.   I then said she won it all if she jumped the 2'3" 3 log stack that has a decent spread.   She again accepted the challenge and like the badass in the making that she is it was no problemo.

Jumping 2'6 bareback for E the first time ever and she was bomb and I surprisingly had to talk myself into the last one on my first ride back.  I wasn't concerned about the no saddle jumping thing but had more to do with my sometimes over exuberant horse and the hillbilly chaos going on just feet away.   But I'm glad I talked myself into it.  The first distance could have been better.   We got a bit of a long one so I needed to do it again.   The next was great and Steady was a saint. E thought the whole challenge was crazy fun and her and Lily were rock solid every time.  All the while the littlest on Penny was having her very first bareback ride.   She mostly walked and then decided she was brave enough to try trotting.   She did awesome.   It isn't easy on a quick strided pony.   She couldn't resist watching Mom and big Sis jumping and stated trotting poles and baby logs.  Badass kids have I.
And the littlest.  Not you just need to imagine these two trotting around saddles and you get the idea.

I am working on the post recapping the crazy awesome Team Challenge weekend.  It is a lot of work to put such an amazing experience into words but I am trying. Promise.