Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ch-ch-changes: the tack room

I have a decent enough sized tack room.  It could stand to be a bit bigger but it is workable with some creative space saving ideas.  Ideas I've been kicking around for going on our 2 years here.  My plan is to ask for the tack room remodel for Christmas.  I am not sure how that will go over or if it will work.  But seeing how it was going to be my fall project this year and that didn't happen for reasons we all know by now  Then maybe I can work those sympathy points one last time to get this project done.  I have decided to offer a contest for the best tack room design.  This is not an easy task so a measly $20 gift card may not be worth it and I get like 0 entries.  But if you're into that sort of thing, have some creative space saving brain, have had some tack room envy in your life then have at it!

There will be several requirements of what needs to fit in the space.  You all pretty much know all the things you have and need space for?  Multiply that by 4.  That's what has got to fit in this space.

Things to keep in mind in your design. 

I am a everything has it's place and every place has it's thing kinda person. Also kids work better when they know exactly where something goes. 

Everything is on the table.  I will not buy fancy items just for the sake of being fancy but I am not against spending on items that are helpful, organizational and attractive.

There are 4 people that need their own space for each item of tack for their horse/pony.  Saddle or 2, saddle pads, girth, bridle, whip, helmet, gloves, boots/horse and human, wraps, grooming kit and extra tack box stuff, etc.

I am fine with a communal space for things like saddle pads but ideally I would like each person to have a spot for each thing they have. Not sure if it's realistic but that is the goal.

Your favorite organizational products for the tack room.

What you have to work with:  12 Ft long, 6 Ft wide and 8 Ft high.  With a door at each end.

It can be in any format..  If you are computer savvy or would rather hand draw.  Links to items, picture examples even better for this visual learner.

So please blog land I need you show me what you've got!


  1. We have this exact setup at Alta Vista in one of the tack rooms. There are 4 lockers (so owners can organize the inside of their lockers as they wish as far as saddle racks, shelves, etc). I can take a pic if you want. But a lot of shit ... err items so fit into a small space!

  2. I will definitely have to do some brain storming. I like the idea of lockers or a set space but you could also do some other things too :)

  3. I can't wait to see what people come up with for you!!

  4. I know of some random items but I don't think I could do an entire design..let me see what I can dig up

  5. My idea would be to put 4 of these in the tack room on the long wall if they will fit or 3 on the wall that doesn't have 2 doors at each end and then one on one of the short walls. You put bridle hooks over them (keeping the cabinet slightly off the wall so they reins can hang). Then you keep a set of open shelves on the long wall that has the doors at either end and a hamper for assorted laundry items. This shelf would be a good place for communal items or pads.

    Then on the other short wall do however many saddle racks you need. If your kids can reach you could even put them higher up so that you can put another shelf under the first set of saddle racks.

    This is a good option because then your helmet, grooming supplies, boots etc for each person have their own space. I can try to draw it but i doubt it would look right!


  6. Hi - I'm a new-ish reader and I love tack rooms and organizing, so thought I would comment! :-)

    Sounds like each person needs a 3-4' space along the 12' wall (do both doors open out?). The cabinet posted above is a good idea. You could also try metal shelves like these: Each girl could get some fun coloured baskets from the dollar store and you could make labels for the contents. Then put a saddle rack and bridle rack above each shelf. Or you could use those plastic drawer units:|pdpipadh1|related_prods_vv|pdpipadh1|51067008|4. I just don't recommend putting one of those right where your water hydrant is...and then having the hydrant leak and fill up all of your drawers of stuff with water. ;-)

    Or - I have one more idea, but it is more expensive and may not work depending on how you use your tack for shows... Since Christmas is coming, you could get each person a Stanley tool chest (put names on with fun decals) and they can just be wheeled over and loaded on the trailer for show day.

    And if you need blanket storage, you could try the blanket racks that lay flat when empty - they could go on the other 12 ft wall opposite tack?

    Sorry for the long post!

    1. Cool ideas here:

      Especially the Velcro wall for boots...


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