Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Oversharing; clinic recap

Thank you all who are sticking with me through this crappy time.  I most likely over share online and question myself on that regularly.  One thing I realized I hadn't shared with you all is the Clinic I rode in, in August.  Get ready for some retro postings!

The Cathy Weischhoff clinic

I got to ride one day and Elaina's trainer gave her the opportunity to ride both days.  It was quite a while back so I can't recall every little detail but can expound on the take-aways.

It started with grid work.  Grid work is amazing, and a fabulous training tool.  Unless your horse absolutely hates anything that appears to be a grid.  Yes that horse is Steady.  He hates them.  He gets very frazzled.  He has a huge stride so making 1 or 2 stride bounces generally set him off.  And they did.  He rushed, he flailed, he bucked after going through.  Then for the course work he was all worked up and was very rushy.  Cathy was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with us.  Like literally said those words, "hmmm I'm not sure what to do with you two so wait for a while".  I love the honesty..lol. 

Still in our snaffle.  Mr. Toad's wild ride but nothing I haven't gotten used to. 
Cathy had the silly idea that I should actually have a bit more control whilst jumping.

She then puts a bubble elevator bit with a curb strap on him. I use the most very mild bit you can imagine on him, a loose ring, French link snaffle.  I use it for everything, dressage, XC and Stadium.  The strongest bit I've used to ride him in is an egg butt snaffle..haha.
This is after the bit change.  I can actually see the look of confusion
in his eye.  "WTH do you want from me lady?  I thought we had an understanding.
I run around and jump all the things and you hang on for dear life."

I've tried out stronger bits in the past and have gotten adverse reactions so I was a bit skeptical.  But it actually helped a great deal.  It backed him off a little more than what either of us desired but at least I found something that will back him off, this is a first after 7 years.  He didn't throw any fits but was a little confused as to what I wanted. "do you want me to go forward and jump the things or stop?" 

He never actually stopped but got sticky in front and took some deep spots.  I really enjoyed my experience in the clinic and was glad to find that this bit was a successful training tool.

Still hard for me to believe that in just a few short weeks we went from this...

To this.

Elaina's rides were great.

Not enough <3 emojis in the world for this. 
Thinking of getting it printed on a canvas for her
bedroom for Xmas.  What do you think?

She and Lego are making great progress as a team and when they aren't perfect I have to remind myself that she just got him in April and they are progressing so quickly.

Great team, indeed!

I wasn't there for their XC ride the second day but it sounds like it went even better than the stadium lesson.

 Ahhh I love those two together!


  1. Yes- print that on canvas! I love that photo. I'm glad that you had such a good clinic

  2. Such great pictures - she sounds like a wonderful clinician and came up with some good starting points for you to adapt into your routine!! (When you get back to it, which you totes will!!)


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