Saturday, November 5, 2016


Remembering the good ole days.
WinJan, my first horse.  We had some good, slightly dangerous times together.  But even at 8 months my 2 point was on point.

In all seriousness though I am healing quite well.  I haven't had any setbacks.  It's just a slow going process when you snap your leg in two.   I am %50 weight bearing which means I can get around most places on crutches alone which is HUGE!  Tough I am still quite limited in the things I can do because I am still on crutches.  I am now in Physical Therapy twice a week for the next couple months.  The Therapist is actually surprised at my range of motion.  I have only lost a few degrees in all directions.  Her comment was, "you know most people would love to have this range of motion."  Um, well I am not most people.  But while I do have a pretty good range of motion considering, the stiffness and pain is still present so it's not comfortable to do it.  It is ridiculous the size of my injured calf.  It has to be a good 3 inches smaller than my other.  Ugh, so ugly.

The good ole days when my left heel went down like a boss.

This was at the Cathy Weischoff clinic I rode in 2 short weeks before the big accident.  God I miss this!  Think my horse has scope?

I was doing some interneting the other day and was looking up injuries in the professional eventing world.  After a little bit  I realized I am in some good company.  Odd as it may be reading and hearing about other's injuries is strangely comforting.  I have spoken to many ammy's with similar injuries.  I have met others who had nothing to do with horses and have same injury by silly things like taking a bad step.  But when you hear that those at the top of the sport at sometimes the peak of their career had the same thing happen.  It just makes my problems seem smaller and it helps.  I think we can all remember Boyd's bad couple years.  In particular the time the he broke his leg just weeks after Silva's major brain injury and weeks before he was set to ride in Rolex.  Ok, Ok yes my problems seem quite small.  Then Peter Atkins already traveled to Europe with Henry and in training to compete in Burghley in just a few weeks and on a hack had a silly fall and had the exactly injury I have.  He was in top shape riding at the highest level and was determined to still ride in Burghley but ultimately when it drew closer had to withdraw because he knew he couldn't safely make it happen.  Then at his six week recovery mark signed up to compete at Luhmuhlen.  After dressage decided to withdraw since he wasn't quite ready and with their dressage score the risk didn't seem worth it.  It is a tough really shitty injury that is recoverable in otherwise healthy individuals but it is just a bitch.  Life just goes on hold for many months and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

I mostly appreciate comments of sympathy.  The I'm sorry's and get well's are uplifting to the spirit.  But one comment I had another mother make to me in a conversation that she was explaining how busy and hectic her life is says, "I could never do it".  Referring to being sidelined for  a couple months.  What  dumb remark.  Believe me if you dislocated your ankle broke both bones in your leg and had to have surgery to repair it with 2 plates and 12 screws you "could" do it.  Not that I was given a choice on the matter.  Again why I stick with animals.

Speaking of animals, all of them are doing well.  The girls are riding and I am even getting out to the field to teach them.  Elaina has been riding Steady in preparation for her to ride him in a lesson next week with a big time show jump trainer.  It is good for him and great for her.  Wild as it may sound he is more like a school master and is teaching her how to ride correctly.  Haha my Steady teaching someone the ropes.  Lego, Penny, Lily are all fat happy and fluffy with their winter coats.  The goats are pretty much always finding trouble and simultaneously providing entertainment.  Not many things in life can be so bad but so funny at the same time.  Hank is great.  Still begging any unsuspecting newcomer to play fetch.  And the cats, they keep procreating.  Yes I know get them fixed.  I plan to but unless you have a farm in the country you will never understand the frustration of people dumping cats and me automatically getting more vet bills  because if I don't take them to the vet and get someon else's  cat fixed then I end up with a million cats.  The end product  is adorable and I usually don't have much trouble finding the kittens homes.  Two are getting picked up today.

You have to admit they are pretty hard to resist.

We took one last trip around the lake on the boat to look at all the fall colors.  I am grateful I was able to get out and do that at least once before the year is over.

I have much to be grateful for.


  1. Yup you are right, when one breaks their ankle like that you have no choice in the matter but to sit tight and wait it out. Still sending you healing thoughts. Errr, maybe you will be able to laugh about this 5 years down the road? :)

  2. Ugh I feel your pain, and my injury was way more straightforward than your own. Serious commiseration and solidarity over here!! I'm glad your healing has been generally unremarkable and unfettered by setbacks. Beginning to bear weight on the leg was SUCH a relief - esp for stairs and just generally not being so sore from the crutches. Lucky about your range of motion too!! I'm still somewhat limited in that area, and have lately been considering going back for physical therapy since I never did it the first time around. My body is just still subconsciously favoring the injury and everything apparently just won't "even out" without assistance.

    Anyway tho. Long story short: stay strong and keep healing!! Hopefully you will be in a walking boot before you know it!! (That's when life really starts getting good again :) )

  3. Boyd's story is so crazy. I honestly can't believe he rode after that injury! You'll come back! I can totally relate to injuries--they are the worst but in time it all heals

  4. Barn cats can be hard to contain..especially when the kittens are so cute! Plus all the $$ to get them fixed adds up!


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