Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Oversharing; post op recap

My little oversharing series continues.  I realized I never shared all the fun post op photos and X-rays with all my new hardware.

Recovery is coming along. PT was a bitch yesterday.  New Therapist was way rougher on the ankle.  I'd actually like to give her a swift kick, with the good leg of course.  I got scolded for taking steps in my walking boot with out crutches...oops.
When I first saw the repair job at 2 weeks post op.

I am 8 weeks post surgery going on 10 post injury. 

Here is a photo from today.  Remarkable, right?

My surgery actually went very well.  It was longer than expected and they did end up putting 2 plates and 12 screws.

  Geesh!  I kinda feel like they put my leg back together like my husband would have done a remodling project...just one more screw ought to hold it!
Yeah and throw a couple long ones in there for good mearsure.

But I cannot actually complain I have had no issues and am healing as quick as can be expected. 

Getting that dorsiflexion back like it's my job.
Gotta get those heals down again!
Aaaand  just because you sat through another post about my goddam leg here are some photos of the most adorable little creatures ever.

Started with 4 all but 1 found homes and his new Mom is coming this evening to get him.

I really wish I could keep them but I already have 3 cats don't need a 4th.

Mr Moley or Cindy.


  1. oh the kittens. I want one. (or two).

  2. Wow, your leg is looking so much better. Keep going!

  3. Ughhhh. Just ughh. Looks like it's healing well tho!

  4. Hope everything is going well! It has been so hard to not walk on my foot again.

  5. Glad recovery is going well. At least ou are to the active participation phase where you feel like you are baby stepping back to normalcy.


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