Thursday, November 15, 2012

It isn't fancy but it's functional.

Story of my life not fancy but functional.  Many many moons ago I was asked by Aimee at Sprinklerbandits to show my barn.  I agreed to do so but I have never done it for a few reasons 1) to find a point in time that my stalls were clean along with my barn being clean and not filled with random junk  2) Because most people board at facilities that actually generate an income and can afford half decent facilities. 3) because I am a procrastinator to the core of my being.

Well I found a moment that the barn was mostly clean in conjunction with clean stalls and a resonable amount of random junk.  Just got over reason #2 and decided to stop procrastinating.  So here it is my very small but serves it's purpose, barn.

We own 15 acres, with a 2500 square foot home(half out dated half redone), 3-4 acres of fenced in pastures and a 20x30ft barn.  I have 2 stalls that are 10x13 ft and a small 6x8(for mini's), a 4x8 goat stall and a 8x8 feed room and a loft that is 8x20ft.  None of it was in the barn when we bought it except the loft and a huge mess of a half rotted out floor that we had to tear out.  We hope to someday build a new barn but for right now this works.

Steady's stall

Lily's Stall
Mini stall and goat stall they have a door to come and go as they please.

feed room
Nothing fancy but the simple fact that I can look out my kitchen or bedroom or dinning room or bathroom windows or even right here from my computer and see my horses happily grazing then I will gladly give up fancy.


  1. That is a great barn! I would kill for property :)

    Looks like you have an awesome set up :)

  2. Very nice barn! My horse barn is actually an old converted chicken house made of scrap wood and beams! Loll! Not much to look at, but it works. You have a great set up!

  3. It's a lovely barn, i would love to have my own barn and stables. Really like the way you've got it set up and I think that all you should think about is that it works for you and serves the purpose so you get to see your horses from where ever you are I would love that.

  4. I like it. Super jealous that you can keep your horses at home. :) Someday, I'll have my own rag tag barn and I'll send you pictures. Deal?

  5. Love it! My dream someday :) On the other hand, I know how hard you have to work by keeping them at home. The only way I would want property and keep our horses there would be if I didn't work full-time outside of the house.

  6. The main part is it works for you!

    1. Functional and cozy! One day, I'll have a functional barn, that's all I want. Nothing fancy and for my comfort rather than theirs! Right now, the horses all have run-in sheds that they can take or leave at their will. I have discovered, with this set up, that unless the weather is absolutely HORRIBLE (and I mean horrible), they rarely choose to be inside when given the option.

  7. That's an awesome barn!! Way better than most of the ones you see around here.

    I loved the posts about your show. Those fun classes looked like..... FUN!

    Sorry I didn't comment on some of them like I usually do. It's getting really late and I am just trying to get caught up so I can go to sleep lol. :D


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