Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fat Legs for Christmas.

Though this could probably also describe me considering the lack of activity and increase of bad foods as of late.  I am unfortunately referring to Steady.  I went out to get him out of his stall on Monday morning and immediately am drawn to his legs.  They are huge!  Not one, not two but three of his legs are twice their normal size and the fourth is also swollen just not as severe.  The two back legs are from the hock to hoof huge swollen and the one front is knee to fetlock huge swollen.  I am of course very concerned.  My first thought, 'stocking up', but I pretty much knew that wasn't it.  It was just too severe but in my heart I hoped that is what it was. I took his temperature and no fever.  On one hand I am slightly relieved because there is swelling in all four.  I guess in my mind I knew he couldn't possibly have injured all four legs so I was confident he didn't have some terrible injury.  But then on the other hand what would cause this? 

I turned him out and watched him for about an hour just to see what would happen.  I wanted to see if he was acting normal and if the swelling went down any.  Good news is he was acting perfectly fine.  Not favoring any of his legs and walking, eating, drinking.  Bad news is the swelling didn't subside AT ALL.  So a call to the vet and he was not all that concerned.  Said he has seen this a few times this month and told me to come out and pick up a box of supplies and he should be back to normal in a week or so.
Steady all muddy and sessy today after wrapping and reapplying DSMD.  I left the two fronts unwrapped because they looked perfectly normal now!!!
No reason not to be festive even if you are sickly :).

He is one an antibiotic once a day, banamine twice a day, DMSD and wrapped, cold hosed for 10 min. and walked for 20 minutes a day.  Just two days out and today when I unwrapped his legs I was so happy to find almost normal legs under the wraps.  One hind leg was very slightly swollen but if you didn't know his legs as well as I you wouldn't notice.  Phew...between vet bills for horses, cats and puppies I think that all my family is getting for Christmas are a farm full of healthy animals(except our lamb he went to meet his maker this week so that we can enjoy lamb chops for Christmas).

Oh yup you read that right, Puppy!  Blogger has been a BITCH lately and refused to let me upload photos but two weeks ago Henry aka Hank entered our herd!  He is a Welsh Pembroke Corgi.  Eventing just got cuter!  He will be my show buddy.  He is not the best subject to photograph considering he does not sit still but you can get the idea of his abundant adorableness!

We will be traveling lots over the next 3 weeks South Bend, IN to visit my family, Washington D.C. for a family vacation and Detroit to visit the in-laws.  The herd will be babysat by a 18 year old pony clubber who will stay at our house while we are gone.  Ahhh such peace of mind having someone here to keep a close eye on everyone.  I received the sweetest and most heartwarming Christmas card I have ever gotten.  It brought instant tears to my eyes and just filled my heart.  Read it for yourself...

From our farm to your home....Merry Christmas!!!
Lily also wants to send some Holiday Cheer!!!




    I love corgis. I already have one. I don't think I'll ever have another kind of dog.

    Glad the vet wasn't concerned. Merry Christmas to you!

  2. I absolutely adore corgi's and really want to have one one day, he iss so cute!!

    Glad that the vet wasn't worried and that the swelling is going down making things look a bit more positive.

    Merry Christmas have fun :D

  3. Love you family with the tree and oh my that puppy is SO CUTE!

  4. Oh my goodness...seriously, a Corgi?? I am so jealous!! I want a corgi so bad but can never find them in my area...or within 3 hours of my area. I am excited to watch him gor up with you!!

    Jingles to Steadys legs...get well soon!

  5. So exciting that Hank gets to go eventing with you! Now I will get to hug on him next season :)

    Glad Steady is on the mend - isn't is wonderful when you can 'doctor' them yourself...maybe not wonderful, but it beats paying for the vet to come out.

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  6. SUCH an adorable puppy! Hope Steady gets better soon and that you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. I am totally jealous of your puppy!!

    Hope steady gets better soon!

  8. That is just the most adorable puppy! I just want to snuggle him to death.

  9. Merry Xmas and that puppy is TOOOOOOOO cute!!!
    Swollen legs, yukkk, but hopefully all goes back to normal soon again!

  10. I LOVE Pembroke Welsh Corgis!!!!!!! I'm so envious lol. He's soooooo cute! Congrats on your new addition. :D

    Merry Christmas... sorry so late lol.

    Oh and I'm happy that Steady is doing better. That must have been so scary.


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