Friday, June 21, 2013

A day in the life.

I want to post more often.  I have so much to say and that seems to be my undoing.  I get on start typing and everythng gets so wordy trying to put into words the training progress we have been having.  It has been good.  Mostly good at least.  As with anything with horses there are ups and downs but it is all heading in the right direction.  I do want you all to know I am reading your blogs and thoroughly enjoying them but since I am always on the move it is from my phone and for whatever reason my phone does not think I should be commenting on blogs because it just won't let me.  For all who read this I love reading about your awesome horses and I am reading!  I want to give a special shout out to an amazing horse and rider team Moose Tracks and Amy.  It broke my heart when I heard the news that she had to let her amazingly sweet and willing partner and friend go.  Thoughts go out to you Amy and Moose you will be missed by many.  I have the priviledge of knowing both Amy and Moose in real life and my hear hurts for Amy.

 This will be a bit more of a light hearted post. A day in the life...
You grab your chore buddy after he does his morning yoga and head outside.  In your pajamas mind you.
Hank greets Mama Kitty.  She makes it clear she did not miss him overnight the way he missed her.

You take a deep breath of fresh morning air and soak in the sun and notice someone peaking over the fence at you.

Pay no attention to the dork behing the fly mask.  I am boarding this guy for a friend for a few weeks.  He is letting me know he has finished his breakfast and is ready to return to his regularly scheduled grazing.

You greet this wonderfully adorable pony and appologize that she only gets a bite of grain so as to not ruin that lovely haflinger figure of hers.  She says, "fatz is the new skinnees"


"But looks Moms Imz wasting away.  Even you says I'm only a Half-linger, I needs to be a Whole-linger"

Good morning handsome how was your night?

"skewz me can yous get dems bugzz offff"

Puppy completes his mission of being the most annoying baby brother dog on earth and I appologize to Garfield the kitty for his uncontrolable enthusiasum for life.  Garfeild thinks, "maybe if I play dead he will leave me alone?"

"me, never..."

"ok maybe just a little"  Playing dead didn't work.

Haul Steady to a friends house to take dressage lesson.  Here is half of a practice test.  Camera died but see effort was made for you all.  Steady leaped at the wrestling dogs.  Note dressagy progress in the wild steed?  He is capable of lifting the poll a bit now without dropping his back!

Teach a lesson, cook salmon for dinner...
Help the little people prepare for a long week of horse and pony 4-H.  At least they are excited about it!

Walk out the back door and breath in the fresh country night air.  Enjoy the colors in the sky.  Check on all the lovelies.  Feel sorry for the "Half"-linger and give her a little more food.

End the day-Grateful


  1. Steady's "pweaze make awfuw bugs go 'way" face looks like River's! ;)

  2. OMG I HAVE THE SAME "PLEASE GIVE ME MORE FOOD FACES" only with a half cob and two lipizzans. They try and convince me that they are starving to death, they are not

  3. Great post :) I feel ya - have all kinds of words in my head to get out there, but no time! Always love seeing pics of your place, kids, and critters - looking super in the video!

  4. Looks like a perfect day to me! :) Steady looks beautiful!

  5. Oh forgot to mention the sandy Corgi butt in the last post totally made up for lack of pictures and so does the cute ones in this post. :D He is adorable! As are the horses. :) You and Steady look great!!


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