Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heavenly ride.

Monday evening my dear husband agreed to make dinner so that I could go for a ride.  I am oh so grateful because I needed it.  I have not been able to ride nearly as much trying to get ready for this pumpkin patch.  I wasn't sure how Steady would be.  The weather really cooled down and when he is turned out after feeding he is definitely feeling frisky.  But he has become such an awesome horse these past couple months I should have known he would be a dream.  I can finally say I think he finally trusts me and has bonded with me.  I still am cautious with him because he is and probably always will be the fiesty type but he is such a sweet boy too.

So we headed to the arena.  We always do alot of walking.  With his long lanky legs he needs to warm up alot or he kicks himself.  Troting was great.  At first he held his head high which is what he used to do before we started training but after a few seconds he came back down and was collected and a good pace.  We worked at the trot for a good 20 minutes and then moved to the canter.

His canter is always a mess which I am sure I have mentioned before.  To the left he did not get the correct lead.  So instead of frustrating him I just switched directions and worked to the right first.  Which is his best lead.  He did pick it up right away but he had his usual high head, nose out, hind end in.  I immediatly started to do smaller circles.  Probably 40 meters.  That brought him back together.   He put his head down and started bending to the inside and had a beautiful 3 beat canter.  It was the first time I have ever had him in that kind of canter.  It gave me so much encouragement that he is making progress and by next year at show time we will be in good shape. 

Sadly I have to cancel my lessons for the time being due to the financial strain of not only the lesson but the cost of traveling an hour to the barn.  So for now it is just the way it is.

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  1. Thanks for you comment on my blog - I really appreciate it! Your boy sounds like he's coming along nicely. Dawn still struggles a bit with the canter, but it's much better than when we started with her.


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