Monday, September 27, 2010

Blanket advice

My pony, you know my 17 hh pony, he is finally starting to look good.  We have  been through the wringer the last few month trying to get this guy to put on weight and start looking and feeling good.  He is really looking good.  He is not all the way there yet but clearly on his way.  So with the weather starting to turn and soon snow will be blowing I am hoping to keep his weight up all winter.  Thus he needs to be blanketed when the weather takes a turn for the worse.  He does not need to be burning fat and energy to keep warm.  The problem is I have never bought a horse blanket before in my life.  I don't have a whole lot of money to spend but I don't want to waste money on a blanket that is not a good product either.  I want it warm enough and durable enough.  He will be turned out and in the stall in it.  So what is it?  Do you have one that you have and love?  Have you had one that you didn't love?


  1. generally has great deals...but shipping takes awhile (about 2 weeks sometimes)...they sell McAlister ones that look good. I have a Gatsby myself that I like. ( There was a really great sale when I bought it-during the summer for $40. It's a lot right now...but I must say, I've had it through 2 winters, and it still looks great, no tears. It's going into it's third winter this year :) )
    Good luck. Blankets are so hard to choose...

  2. I have gone through so many blankets ever since bringing my big guy from Hawaii ten years ago and needing to keep him warm in this drastic change in climate for him and I can't say enough about Horsware. They are a little more expensive but when your $100 blanket rips the second day in turnout and then it costs $20 to fix, that extra money is worth it.
    17hands, wow, very cool!

  3. Wow..17hh, thats a lot of OTTB. For my 16.1 OTTB I use Dover Saddlery Rider's Intl heavyweight 1200D turnout for winter.
    I also just bought for fall/spring a sheet for Schneider's that fits awesome and is quite lovely and was only $50! and their customer service emails back quickly w/ answers if you have Q's.
    My guy wears a 82" to give u a guideline, so yours I would assume would be 84 but measure of course :)

  4. Hey guys thanks so much for the suggestions. I must not be getting emails telling me I got comments. I just thought no one answered :). And here you guys did and then I don't answer back. I am definitely going to check out all of your suggestions. I will let you know what I decide.


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