Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eventing? What is that?

Ha yes it is true, I did not even know what eventing was.  After a couple months of getting to know Steady from the ground and easy going rides around the yard I decided it was time to find a trainer and hopefully start moving forward.  Remember I rode for many years but it has also been MANY years since I have seriously ridden.  I needed ALOT of refreshing of the memory to do.  I was really amazed though at all that came back naturally and on its own.  But we needed work non-the-less. 

At my first lesson the trainer after watching us trot around a while said "have you thought about eventing?".  I said "no, I haven't".  I didn't happen to mention that I didn't even know what she was talking about.  I mean I didn't want to look like a total dunce.  Funny though I am putting it openly online.  Hey I never said I was sane.   She continued to tell me that she thought that Steady could do it.  Also she said "but you are going to have to loose weight"  haha, she really holds back.  So I go home and immediately start googling eventing.  I mean I didn't want to have that conversation again having no clue what I was talking about.  Gotta love google and youtube.  I have since spent hours reading and watching anything I can about the sport.  I have continued my training on a bi-weekly basis with my trainer and ride 4-5 times a week to work in that direction. 

This was all just about 3 months ago.  I plan to compete in my very first combined test in November!!!  We have come a loooong way and have even longer to go but either way I am so excited!!

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