Thursday, December 1, 2011

9 words you don't want to hear as you are stepping out of the shower in the morning.

I had just stepped out of the shower yesterday morning and hear, "AMY!!!  There is a horse on the front porch!!!!"  I drop my tooth brush in the sink and start to run out to the living room.  Then think shoot I need to go get clothes on.  I was confused.  'How did any horses get out and why would they just be standing on the front porch?'  Thoughts racing through my head as I scurry around to get dressed.  Ryan opens the door and Blaze is standing about 2 feet from the door looking at us.  Ryan shuts the door and Blaze walks away.  I knew then that he was the only one out.  I also knew how he had done it and that it was on accident and that is why he was standing at the door hoping someone would come out and put him back in the barn.  When he walked away he went to the back yard and stood by the barn door.  I ran and got clothes on and got out there as quickly as possible but  not panicked because I knew now it was just Blaze and he would not run off.  He is like a well behaved lap dog.  Everyone was in the barn eating their breakfast and that is where he hoped he could be.  For his punishment he got put out in the pasture without finishing his breakfast.  After everyone else was finished eating I put them all out but Blaze insisted on pouting for a couple hours just standing by the gate guy was not happy that he missed his breakfast.

I had Blaze, the two goats and Snappy all in the center isle of the barn because the insane amount of rain we have had turned their stalls into wet messes.  I had the barn door blocked so that they could not push the sliding door out.  When I fed them their breakfast I didn't bother blocking it since I figured they would be eating and I would be back out in an hour to let them out.  Well I am guessing Blaze started to push his little face out and when he felt the weight of the door squishing him he just ran forward to get away from it.  Cause it was obvious that he had no interest in being out.  I mean really?  He walks around to the front porch and stands at the front door.  What horse does that?

Other than that we finally got some snow and temperatures have gotten into the 20's at night.  I am glad for the end of the rain and happy to see colder temperatures.  I trailered to the indoor arena today.  After talking to a couple cowboys who, of course, think Steady is super fancy and a giant next to their QH's, I actually got some time to ride.  I had hoped to get in a good workout for the first time in a long time.  He is out of shape again and I can always tell when he balks at picking up the canter.  That goes away with fitness but fitness is going to be a struggle for us this winter.  I am keeping my goals small over the winter months because that is just the way it has to be in my situation.  But I know after this last season that when spring comes we have plenty of time to get fitness back and tackle training with a passion.  I did find out that the sound of chickens squawking is apparently very dangerous and surely must mean his  imminent death so he must not go near the noise.  He had an amazing shoulder in to the left and still struggles with bending to the right but we are working on it and I can see tiny improvements and that is what I want, so I am happy with that.  His energy level is something to be reckoned with but I guess it is just something I am going to have to manage.  I see it being a continuous problem when I can only ride a couple times a week.  That is just something I knew I signed up with owning an OTTB and for all the benefits of it I can definitely deal with a "little" extra energy.

I have been flip flopping back and forth about clipping but I am going to have to bite the bullet and just do it.  My poor horse is going to look like a patchwork quilt after I am done with him.  I am only clipping his problem areas to start.  I want to get away with as little as possible since he is already a hard keeper and drops weight over the winter.  I don't know, maybe I will get around to it this weekend.  Sorry for the lack of photographic additions I will make up for it tomorrow morning, promise.


  1. I just gotta say it.... Blaze didn't get his breakfast because YOU didn't secure the door? AMY!!!!
    I am calling Blaze to suggest a law suit.

  2. Yeah but...but...but..ok fine I guess you are right. Maybe I should lawyer up!

  3. In my defense he still had an entire round bale out there to eat all day long but he still choose to pout. Poor thing now I feel bad, I guess I will be taking out carrots in the morning to apologize. Barbara good luck getting a hold of him I also took away his cell phone privileges. I am just the meanest Mama, just ask my kids that can speak!


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