Friday, December 23, 2011

Have you read this? If not you need to. You WILL laugh

Jimmy Wofford column from Practical Horsemen.  It is to die for!!

When the Cat's Away


  1. Jimmy's humor is great with a sharp edge. I decided years ago when the masses tried to draw and quarter George that the reason the 'training' articles in the magazines and online are so dumbed down and useless is that when they tell us we are riding like fat, out of shape amateurs nobody waits to hear advice about how to change that - they all start cranking out the hate mail. I hope the editors of PH haven't had a stroke yet. :-)

  2. I did read this and found it very funny. I am so tired of the pc language that we have become slaves to that has taken away our ability to express ourselves. It has gone far beyond just avoiding racist or sexist remarks, it has become anything that might offend someone, and that is VERY broad. I believe it has strongly stifled our free speech because we are fearful to express opinions on anything. This is a good reason I have lost a few friends by way of Facebook. I get bored with updating my status with "I'm tired," so I express myself with sarcasm and this is heavily frowned upon by other women. Make a joke about why the Navy SEALS can't pose with Bin Ladden like a hunting photo, lose a friend (never mind that thanks the the actions of Bin Ladden my husband was deployed for a year and the friend that took offense had absolutely no life changes occur after 9-11). Post a picture of a badly misspelled sign at the local Ace hardware and suggest that it is a scathing indictment of our town's public school system (I stole this line from Big Bang Theory) lose a friend because she says I am "mean spirited." Report that my kids yell "You're a democrat!" and the other replies, "oh, yeah, well you're a hippy!" Lose another fb friend. Gosh that was a long response just to say I feel Jimmy's pain:)


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