Saturday, February 4, 2012

I must appoligize...

for neglecting my blog and my blogger friends.  I normally try to stay on top of this blogging thing but lately I have failed.  In time I will return but in the mean time I thought each of you would thoroughly enjoy this video.  My favorite is when Martha says how good corn is for horses ;)

watch and enjoy


  1. This was great! LOVE Martha :)

  2. HaHa i love the end where he is all dressed up.. and making fun of martha that was great too <3 made my day at work.

  3. No apologies necessary. I post bits of nonsense trying to keep from going insane. Reading lots of blogs this morning, I think many of us are having a crap winter, for assorted reasons. Things always smooth out eventually.

  4. Oh wow that was hilarious!! "You should know what a carrot is!" "Not you, the horse!" I am crying I was laughing so hard. :D And so jealous he got to ride one of her Friesians!!


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