Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The post of many titles.

The titles to this post are plentiful.  So many to choose from, so I am not going to choose.  "I finally got to 'ride' my horse" or "I am thankful I can ride Steady's bucks" or "The ride in which I am an idiot" or "the ride in which my horse is an A hole."  or "My horse tried to kill me and that just makes me mad" or "Why in the world do I do this, again?" or "What made me think owning an OTTB was a good idea?" or "In which my face came uncomfortably close meeting the ground" or "It'll be a miracle if we are ever ready to be seen in public again" or "I have never seen my horse just blatantly try to kill me, until today!" or "The ride in which I may have lost a few battles but I finally did win the war" or "I threatened to turn my horse into dinner today" or "See Steady you can trot and not buck" or "How I proved to Steady that he can trot and be polite at the sametime" or "It saddens be that we are having to start here" or my personal favorite "I think my horse may be very religious because he insists on having so many 'come to Jesus' meetings."

Any and all of these would be fitting titles to lead off the story of my ride today.  But I think they pretty much explain it on their own.  I am alive, Steady was almost NOT.  I am probably an idiot for not lunging my horse after not riding for close to two months and I got to pay the price for my idiocy.  It was the first time I have ever seen Steady act so absolutely hateful toward me.  I got off and well I won't go into details but we ended with him NOT trying to kill me and me still considering killing him.

Back in the saddle again!  Let's home the next ride is better.


  1. At least you're maintaining your sense of humor Amy - hard as that must be. (hilarious post titles)

    Sorry you had an overly eventful ride. I hope you and Steady get on the same page next time.

  2. The joys of horse ownership...specifically, the OTTB.

  3. Yikes! What a brat. Some horses just have to start from ground zero after every break. It sucks, but I guess at least he's consistent lol. I'm glad no one was hurt and I hope your next ride is a bazillion time better.


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