Monday, September 24, 2012

Less drama, more fun.

So before the day before Steady's successful attempt to get out of spending the past weekend at Come Again Farm in lessons and having a blast schooling XC, I took my daughter and a fellow Pony Clubber/student(S) of mine to an open show that had a small XC course to play around on.  It was my daughters first open show and first time ever schooling XC and they were both firsts Lily also.  It was such a great day.  Loooong, exhausting but good.  My daughter and Lily did awesome schooling XC.  I am still nervous about letting them go out in the open so it was great to have S there to be her buddy.  They did all the starter size jumps 18"-2' with no issues.  There were two that Lily really questioned but my daughter eventually got her over them, once getting jumped completely out of the tack which was a new experience for  She landed on Lily's neck then proceeded to jump off.  She went back and got her over it nicely then they even strung 3 jumps together and then we called it quits.  The two of them are just a bundle of cuteness.  Lily puts in the minimal amount of effort it requires to get all for legs over any jump and my daughter loves that pony with all her heart and Lily can do no wrong in her eyes.

For the show my daughter did amazing.  Her best class was the Hunt seat equitation class.  She did the pattern(which I completely forgot to have her memorize so she did it by watching those ahead of her) perfectly and in a class that had many older kids and 13 total she got 2nd place!  I was so proud of them!  The show was drawn out so long and they didn't do their last class until 6:30pm.  Lily was tired E was tired and Lily being drafty when she gets tired it is reeeeally tough to get her going, let alone asking a tired 9 year old to get her going.  Their last two classes were their two jumping classes.  They did well, my daughter remembered her courses but Lily took out a rail and didn't bother picking up her back legs AT ALL for the last fence on both courses, oops!  She didn't just knock a rail she plain ole' took out the whole jump.  I wasn't hard on either of them about that cause they were just pooped.  Lily didn't want to get moving and my daughter was too tired to get her moving.  What can you do?  Over all I was SO proud of both of them, they had such a great day and learned a ton and got some great experience!

In other news I am now the leader for our Pony Club, yikes!  I told the current leader that I was happy to help out and I knew that she had done if for many years and was looking to get out so I said that eventually I would be willing to take it on.  Well we had a meeting yesterday and she happily handed it over to me now!  I am kinda freaked out but I know it will all work out.  She is staying on and helping but she wants me to take over the decision making.  I guess it will be a learn as we go and we are a small club so I think it is a good place to start.

Steady is doing ok.  No signs of a temperature and I have completed the round of antibiotics and today the wrap is coming off.  He is not a 100% on his foot yet which has me a bit worried but the vet said it could be 2 weeks and it is just 1 week out today.  I was supposed to be at Lee Ann's all weekend having multiple lessons and it was tough looking at all the photos she posted of everyone schooling this weekend, that was supposed to be me...sigh. 


  1. Lily and E make one adorable pair! Congrats to them on a successful weekend :)

  2. Those two are adorable together!!!! You should totally get a video for us next time. :D

    I was going to say don't worry too much about Steady because Chrome had a puncture wound that took three whole weeks of antibiotics to heal and he was totally fine, but then I realized this is so long ago it's totally irrelevant. I really need to do better about staying caught up on blogs lol.


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