Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rusty old wire debacle and a shrinking farm.

We are on day 3 of anibiotics and still  no sign of a fever or infection!  He is walking soundly on all fours, YAY!   I am now capable of giving medication in the vein and into the muscle.  Something I feel I probably should have been able to do before now but never had done.  I am actually very glad to know, though I was quite nervous about doing by myself the first day.  Here are the x-rays of Steady's hoof.

My farm is shrinking.  I have mixed feelings about all of it.  I know in my head downsizing, especially before a winter when the hay is scarce and $$$, is the best thing to do.  But it does not stop my heart from the sadness of having to say good bye.  This week my little Snappy sold.  I have owned him for 8 years!  He was my first horse that I owned as an adult.  I got him as a yearling and he was also the first baby that I trained myself.  I officially own 5 horses and while my husband thinks that is five too many we agreed upon keeping 3 which I can, in my head, reason that that is the best decision. 
We are really going to miss the little furry dude.

 How Snappy got choosen as the one to move on to a new home?  It was the process of elimination.  Steady was obviously staying, then my daughter getting older and wanting to get into eventing Lily was the best choice for that.  Then there are my other two daughters who ride for fun here and there but their main thing is 4-H in the spring.  Blaze is really best for my 5 year old to do her first year with just like he has done with my other two.  The horse is seriously a saint.  Then my 7 year old can share with Lily because she is still in Mini 4-H.  Blaze is getting up there in age and to me it made the most sense for Snappy who is young enough to last a long time for someone yet old enough to be safe for young ones.  It just made the most sense.  When I knew a potential buyer was coming the idea of it was quite sad for me but after meeting them and seeing what a great home he was going to it really lifted that sadness.  So Snappy is sold, then yesterday someone came to buy one of my baby goats.  Just two weeks ago we counted 13 animals on our farm we are now down to 10 and the goal is 6.  The lamb is a given since he will be butchered in just a couple months.  Then we have two kittens and a cat that need new homes.  I would be happy to get to 7.  Snappy is going to a great home where his owner is a vet tech and he will be truely spoiled and they are not idiots who will throw their 4 year old child on him and let him go.  That was my biggest fear with a mini getting an uneducated person who would just do something stupid then blame it on him.  For some reason with miniatures people think they are not dangerous like horses.  These people were horse people and I am very happy with where he is going.  He is a great little guy.  We have been through a lot together and I will miss loving on him.  These people just recently had to put their beloved mini down and I know he will fill that void for them and do a great job at it.


  1. Downsizing is hard, but it will be so much easier to go through winter with less to take care of. :) Glad Steady is doing well and you are keeping things together.

  2. Glad Steady is doing well and that you got some new skills, even if they were learned under duress. Sending healing thoughts. Injuries like that are so scary.

  3. Those X-rays are terrifying!

    I'm glad you found a good home for your pony. Just be patient and your cats will get good homes too. :)

  4. yay for a good home but boo for letting him go!

  5. Im really happy that you and your hubby have found a compromise in everything. My trainer always told me that it is ok to rehome an animal as long as you find a good home that will love him/her as much as you did your helping that animal move onto another chapter in their life and thats not something to feel bad about.

    Glad Steady is doing well!

    1. Don't beat yourself up about Steady...unfortunately, it happens, especially when you are super busy. It has happened to me when I ask someone else to feed for me and they just don't have the same "eye" as I do when it comes to the horses.

      Silver lining is...yes, it sucks that he got hurt. But he is on the mend and it's not permanent.

      I'm in the middle of downsizing, too, so I know the heartbreak. I have to go from six horses down to four total (two aren't mine, so they can't be sold). I've been putting it off for a while, but I'm at the point where I just have to, and not because we don't have the means to feed them, but because I have two perfectly good, quiet, sane, well-trained horses that just never, ever get used. And they ENJOY being used! It's only fair to them to let them move to homes where they will be enjoyed and loved.

  6. It is very hard to say good bye, but sounds like you chose a great home for him!

  7. What about Moonlight? Is he still with you?

    It is hard to downsize. I had to sell all of my goats and then some jerk sent me horrible messages and made me feel horrible. I'm glad you found him such a great home where he will be happy. :)

    And I'm so glad Steady is okay. :D


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