Thursday, February 21, 2013

Soap boxes and stuff...

I could go on and on, on these rants.  This Pony Club stuff.  I am NOT suitable for leading this club alone.  I am more of a 'I'll help someone else lead' type.  Deadlines and paperwork?  Not my thing.  I am a procrastinator and get busy and forget about things.  I get easily frustrated by people and the lack of knowledge, effort and the simple desire to learn.  I do well with people like me.  People that know just enough to know that what they know just scratches the surface of the depth of equine knowledge.  It seems thought there are way more 'I am a beginner but I know everything and I want horses but I don't want to spend any money' type folks that I have the privilege of working with.  It makes me crazy.  Not just a little crazy, like a lot crazy.  People that say things like, "well my daughter is such an amazing rider and her last trainer says that she is a C3 in Pony Club so she doesn't have to do all those other levels, right?"  Gah, ha, bah, fa?  I can't decide if I should laugh, cry or curse.  So instead I drive myself ba-na-na-zzz.  Yes your daughter will have to prove herself at every level.  And considering the fact that no one in PC has ever even seen her on a horse we have a ways to go.  Well that is just unacceptable and ridiculous because she is obviously a C3, I mean she jumps and stuff.  Ah-Hem.  I don't make the rules I just have to follow them...ah-hem...coughcopoutcough.

Then there are others who it seems they say things to others within the group in order to manipulate them into thinking or doing something they want.  Now this is more devious yet quite subtle so not as easy to confront and solve.  One day someone says one thing to me. Then the next something different.  Then they tell someone else something completely different and then come to me as if I should agree with them.  I am I the crazy one here???  Cause I sure as heck start to feel like it.  In turn I am driving my husband crazy too.  What does one do?  I like ponies, I like pony club, I like kids, I cannot stand adults!!!!!  Unfortunately you can't have the 3 former with out the later.  Makaladeecrazee!!!

On another note baby Corgi's are adorable and so fun! 

And they can fly!

With complete lack of riding Steady's body condition looks fabulous super bonus!  I am counting down the days until March 1st when I am going to start trailering into a local indoor to start getting back to work with Steady.  I find myself droooooling over pictures from last season.  I look at my ass out of the saddle for an entire XC course and stadium round and think to myself ermergerd I am 32 years old and riding like that?  Then I start to panic thinking, will I be able to get that back and then some this season?  I need to start working!  So before panic completely sets in I have to tell myself that I have a plan and I am going to stick to that plan and trust it will get me where I want to be.
I will get my summer ass out of the saddle super cool old lady, mom galloping position back, I will get it back, I will get it back.  There, now it must happen.  This is us two jumps to the finish flags not even winded!

Denny Emerson is inspiring and if you don't follow Tamarack Hill Farm on Facebook then you are just lamo and if you want to stop being just lamo then go right now and start following Tamarack Hill Farm on Facebook.  Period the end.  He posts a lot and all of it is great wisdom from on high.  Here are a few from the last few days.

"So once you have BEGUN to acquire these ways of "doing business", the next step? Practice them until you own them."

"What will give you black marks as an eventer, from other eventers, is not being able to sustain your galloping position for an entire round.
 When other event riders see a rider coming through the finish flags so tired that she`s sitting in the saddle, rather than up off her horse`s back, they don`t feel sympathy for the rider, they feel sympathy for the horse, and scorn for the rider. Learn this fact about this sport and get fit accordingly."

"When I hear talk about rider fitness, especially as it pertains to being able to sustain rider security and balance at the gallop for the length and duration of a cross country round, I think the key word is RIDE, which is the key part of the word RIDER.
 To get fit to ride, one must ride. Even if the rider doesn`t have a great place to gallop, she can do trot sets anywhere, including in an indoor ring, get in a half seat, and gut it out.
 That screaming you`ll hear will be your thighs! Tell them to Cowboy up!!"

One of my faves for obvious reasons.
"Race record:
 Maybe it doesn`t matter for some riding sports whether or not an OTTB could win races, but in eventing, I`d far rather buy the sound winner over the sound loser.
 I think it reveals "character", that a horse could dig in, persevere, and "get it done.
 So given the choice between one that raced and did well and one that raced and did poorly, assuming all else seems roughly equal, I`d advise choosing the former."

The photos are awesome and the wisdom is awesomer.  It is way better than wasting time reading most of the stupid stuff people put on Facebook.  I found "evention tv" on youtube yesterday.  I am I the only one that has been in some hole and did not know this existed?  If you are two just now coming out of your hole and didn't know it existed then here is a link to their channel.  Oh and follow them on FB too or you can just stay hiding in your hole and we will all be none the wiser.


  1. I bet Corgi therapy cures lots of Pony Club stress! Hank is seriously the cutest puppy ever!

    And please stop saying that 32 is old...since I am 46, you are making me feel ancient :)

  2. Oh my goodness, pony club moms.... DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED. I loved pony club, loved the time I spent in pony club, loved all that I learned, still love to teach for them when I can.... but oh my word, the moms! [shudders]

    But, that puppy is adorable!!

  3. Corgi's are just so cute I love them. Wow sounds like Pony Club mum's can be a nightmare, I've just joined ponyclub and am super excited because I get to learn more, my mums pretty chilled and just lets me got on with it and doesn't get involved :)

  4. Hank is ADORABLE!!!! Sorry can't help you on the pony club stuff.... never been involved with it (don't have it in my area) so I know nothing about it lol. As far as dealing with annoying, stupid people.... yeah can't help you there either. They makes me nuts!! Just enjoy your horse and puppy therapy. :D

  5. I'm with Emily. I loved PC, every moment, but my non-horsey parents were (thankfully) spared any leadership demands or involvement beyond organizing food for rallies or shifts to work at car washes... Having coached non horse sports myself, I've had a glimpse of crazy parents - but I cannot even begin to imagine dealing with crazy horse parents. You deserve a medal. :)


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