Monday, March 18, 2013

Adjustment period

We got all  moved in yesterday.  Steady didn't handle any of it well at all.  He was screaming and spinning in his stall the whole time I was there.  The security gaurd said he had the whole barn talking when he went through the barn at midnight.  The barn staff has been fantastic though.  Sending me texts and updates.  They went out and blanketed him because I was worried about him in the nasty rain and cold we had today.  They let me know that he did not eat either meal last night or this morning.  Which is of course not something I like to hear but definitely want to know.  I was worried about him all day.  They have a very large amount of turn out space and 4 separate pastures.  Then they have a smaller pastrure they call the holding pen.  They turn out newbies there alone the first day then introduce them to a friend the second then turn the new friends out together in a bigger pasture.  I did request they give him a buddy the first day because I knew bonding with a buddy was going to be the quickest way for him to adjust.  He was much happier when I went to see him after work.  He even munched up the remainder of his breakfast he had left. 

Best part about my whole day is I not only got to ride but I got to jump!  Something that never happens this time of year for me because of footing.  He was quite good.  He was calmer than I would expect for him going over his first jumps in months.  I just set up a small grid.  2 ft cross rail one stride 2'3" vertical.  I would have love to raise the vertical as we went but that would require me getting off and on each time and it being our first time over fences in so long I thought there was no need to push my luck.  The only thing I was looking for was a good rhythm and no rushing.  We can definitely use some work but I was over all happy with how he did.  Landing after the vertical we had to work on not rushing away.  One thing I am happy about is our turning seems to be getting much better.  He still drifts through the right but it is improved greatly!

I promise pictures of Steady in the new place and maybe even at some point of us riding or even video.  So far it has just been me working, fussing and worrying over the prince when I have been there.  Well actually yesterday we had our first mounted Pony Club meeting of the year.  It was so nice to be done with all of the book learning and get the kids on their horses.  They did really well.  Some with confidence issues worked well through them and others got to do some new stuff.  It was a long Pony Club filled weekend Friday we studied for our Regional Quiz.  Saturday was the actual Quiz we have been working toward and the kids did so great!  In their respective divisions we had a 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th.  Then as a team we had one team of four and one girl on a scramble team and both teams placed first in their divisions!!  I was quite proud of the kids.  Now to get their riding up to par.  I think we are moving in the right direction though.
Go Pony Club!


  1. Super fun! I'm glad you're back in the saddle and pony club sounds like a blast. :)

  2. Don't worry about the not eating. I just moved my mare to a new place three months ago and she barely ate for a few days, hated her stall, spun around and acted upset. Made me a nervous wreck, but now she is fine and happy.

  3. I'm glad Steady is finally settling. And yay for pony club! That is awesome!


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