Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's just catch up time, I guess.

Lack luster title.  I have been hit or miss here lately.  I have been busy substituting.  I get called nearly every day and I hate to turn down work when in the back of my mind I think that come June I won't have an income at all.  But it is nice to have some money and think about actually being able to spend some.  I am making plans with some good friends for spending all 4 days at Rolex doing all sorts of fun and amazing things!  One of those things being shopping!  I am saving and starting my list now.  I am sending in my daughters first Combined Training entry.  I am so excited for her!  I gave her a lesson a week ago and oh my goodness, her and that pony look fabulous.  It is so exciting thinking about her/their future.  They will be making their debut in Green as Grass Intro test b and 18" cross rails.

I did finally get to ride Steady last week I trailered to an arena.  It was actually quite a nice ride!  I was SO happy to finally have been on his back with out some awful explosion.  I am planning to trailer in every free day I have.  Weather and as I mentioned before working is making it more complicated but it is going to happen one way or another.

I think I sorted out some of my pony club issues and realized it was actually one big issue that was getting me so down.  I was doing a friend favors by helping them get into horses and they were not taking my advice on many important things.  Two major things is they needed to do in order to ownn a horse.  3 basic things for the horse protection from the elements, hay and water that would not freeze over.  They politely refused to make those things a priority and it was stressing me out beyond words.  Then they said they had no intention of supervising their beginner daughter when she worked with and rode the horse.  I wanted to help, I tried to help but I cannot help facilitate a situation where a child is in danger and a horse is getting neglected. So I finally grew a pair and told them I did not support them owning a horse and they were on their own from this point forward.  It was hard to do but once I did it was like this huge weight was lifted.  The strangest thing about all of it is when starting out helping them I thought they are very well off and intelegent people that they would be able to afford and make good choices when it came to the whole situation.  And by well off I mean they have a lot of money but for some reason think that horses are going to be free to keep if they keep them on their property.  That is all on that topic because I could go on and on about how odd it all is but I have washed my hands of it all and now the rest of the Pony Club work does not seem so daunting.
UPDATE oon that situation: It seems my email had an impact and they have purchased a water trough, de-icer, hay and ordered a rain sheet and are putting up a shelter in the spring.  They are also having her daughter start lessons.  Wow who would have thought that getting ticked enough to fire off and email about how irresponsible they were being would have such a positive impact.  hmmmm.

And today was vet day.  Both Lily got were vaccinated, coggins pulled, dental done and I always love this time of year because I get to take advantange of Steady being sedated so I can at least get one good pull in on his mane for the year.  I spend the rest of the year just upkeeping with cutting.  But it really helps to get some of the thickness gone.  The vet remarked many times how Steady body condition looks so amazing.  Ahhh that feels so good to hear and just never gets old.  I guess because it was so much work to get him there.  Here is a picture of a sleepy yet less hairy Steady.  I wish I would have gotten a before picture because his mane was out of control.


  1. I love sleepy horse pics! Glad things are getting better on the Pony Club front. We did the 4-H thing for years, and while we were never leaders, we have our share of stories :)

    1. Kelly I know you have long experience with PC so I am going to get your thoughts on the situation. I think the club I have its much different than the one you were a part of and these are the reasons I always feel I am swimming up stream. I have a small group of kids and they are not personally motivated to get and be better. They aren't investing in lessons outside of PC and are busy with other activities. This is where I struggle because I want our club to do better and put in more effort. It became ths way over the last few years and I am finding it very hard to make any changes for the better. I don't know how do give less than 100% and find that is what I expect from people and when they give half hearted effort I get frustrated very quickly and don't hide my frustration well at all. This is also the reasons I really question my suitability for the job as DC. It is and has been my personality for the last 32 years I don't see myself changing any time soon. When the club members are too busy with other activities and aren't pursuing their own riding education it makes me feel like I am wasting my efforts and they would be better spent just bettering my own and my daughters abilities. All of that to ask what do you feel made your PC experience a positive one? Were there certain activities that brought your club closer. What parts did your daughter like most? What helped you and lex the most in PC? thanks for your input.

  2. Wow did all of that hair come from his mane?? It must have been super long or super thick lol. I'm glad everything with the horses is going well. I'm also glad those people took your email seriously and are doing the right thing. :)

  3. That's all mane? Wow! Drunk ponies are funny! Glad the situation worked out somewhat and the parents stepped up.

  4. Glad those people took some heed to your input, and PC is fun again!


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