Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I may be going crazy.

I am unsure why I am even considering this idea but I still have yet to find peace with an answer.  So I come to you, oh wise, blogger buddies.  For your infinite wisdom and advice.  I was not seeking this situation out by anymeans.  I mean this year Steady seems to finally be exactly where I want him.  He going wonderfully in every which way.  Dressage, stadium and cross country.  All the work for over the last 3 years finally has culminated and I am finally the owner of an amazingly respectable event horse.  I started with an $800 off the track career race horse and now have a quite valuable, lovely, brave and solid event horse.  So of course now is the time that a 16 year old girl fall head over heals in love with my horse and wants him.  She wants to go far, as far as she can go and she knows Steady is the kind of horse that can take her there.  She is a fabulous rider and even had a chance to ride him while we were at camp.

We are tossing around the idea of a lease, sort of agreement.  I would still be able to ride him when I wanted and she would start at BN and move up the levels with him as they progressed.  We talked about a year and then depending on how it goes she may buy him.

He his my baby
I don't like sharing
He would be over an hour away
He may be returned to me older
She may end up buying him and then my guy is gone

She could move up levels faster than I while he is still in his prime
He would be boarded during the winter months and stay in work
It would be super cool to watch him fulfill her dreams
He could most likely take her to Prelim, where she wants to go ( I never care to go that far)
I could take on another OTTB project

So having never done something like this before I feel like there are many things I am missing.  So give me your thoughts and opinions.  Would you do it?  Why am I even considering this? 

BTW I just had a fabulous ride on him.  He is so much fun to ride now.  I worked hard to get him there and I feel like I just need to reap the benefits of all that hard work and enjoy the ride I have now.


  1. I have to say that I have enjoyed watching you two blossom into a badass pair over the last couple of years. Not only do I consider you a friend, but I also really admire and respect you as a rider and horseperson. We all have our struggles, but from what I have read and talked to you about - I think that you have truly enjoyed the journey, crappy rides and all. So in that respect, perhaps you would enjoy taking on another greenie and enjoying watch Steady move on with another rider? Perhaps do a trial of one or two months to make sure that you aren't completely heartbroken over the deal and then I think the year lease is a super idea. He sure has turned into a wonderful horse - can't blame the girl for wanting to ride him!

  2. Do what feels right to you. If she has the funds to take him up the levels with a competent trainer, it might be fun to watch. On the other hand, he's finally a cool, broke horse that you can have lots of fun with. She has more time than you do right now, but in two years, your kids will be that much more self sufficient and she'll be starting college. Will she keep him? Sell him for more than you can afford?

    On the other hand, she is set up to enjoy him now. You don't really have the funds to compete a lot on him. You could take some time and bring up another one...

    But that would mean letting him go.

    Best of luck to you either way. It's not an easy decision.

  3. Oh man hard decisions!! I am sure that you will do whats best for you and him :)

    I also don't like to share lol!

  4. such a hard decision the only thing i can say is follow your heart and do what you believe is the right thing and the thing thats the best for you and Steady?

  5. I think that you should pursue some sort of a lease agreement, and give it some time! If you feel increasingly uneasy, then trust your gut, but maybe after seeing him and her together for a few months you would feel like its the right thing to do! Also, try to think about it in terms of what is best for your horse. What do you think that HE would want the most? Regardless, it's a tough decision!

  6. after all those years on the track, do you think it will be good for him to go on with a 16 year old? I personally wouldn't do it:( I think he is better off with you. Remember, he doesn't care that he is going far in his new career, happiness to a horse is friends and a pasture.

    1. I got my first event horse who was retired from the track, I was 14. Pretty sure he loved me and his life with me...what does age have to do with anything?

  7. I would try a short term lease and see how you feel at the end of it. I am sharing Riva right now with my own daughter, and it has been way harder on me than I thought it would be.

  8. I personally would want to enjoy the benefits of my hard work. I would definitely do a short lease option first to see how you'll feel once things are set in motion, if you're considering it at all. I wouldn't do it, but that's me :-) I know you'll make the right decision for you and Steady.

  9. I think it sounds like an idea with a lot of potential for good!

  10. It really depends what your long term wants and goals are.

    Do you want to keep competing and enjoy the fruits of your labor?

    Would you like a little less strict training schedule, no pressure from keeping a horse fit and ready for shows, or do you enjoy the pressure that comes along with showing?

    I think if they are a good match and the girl can ride well, then there is definite advantage to allowing someone to take him and show him. I think this only works if the girl is a decent rider though and will improve your horse. If she ended up taking him Prelim not only would he be made for you to return to as a schooled horse, his value would increase significantly.

    If she is serious your horse could get a lot of training for little cost to you. Something to consider, but it really depends what YOU want out of Steady.

  11. I know without I doubt I could never do it if he were my horse! I have a tendency to be possessive and overly protective of my horse though lol. I think a lease could be fun to see how far she could take him if you're okay with other people riding your hose, but I wouldn't sell him. Like someone else mentioned if she decides to go to college she might not keep him.... it's completely your choice though.


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