Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Concerning the Steady lease situation.  I can't remember the last time I have had to wrestle so much over one decision.  I am surprised it has been this difficult.  I wish the answer was much clearer in my mind than it is.  And every time I feel like, "OK this is what I am going to do" as soon as I start to make the phone call I just, can't.  Even now trying to type a definitive answer I can't seem to feel settled.  I guess that means I can't give a definite answer.  Grrr...I also don't want them to have wait indefinitely for an answer.

On to things that aren't so agonizing.  I am getting my pastures mowed right now.  Yay!  It's the little things in life.  But when they get over grown I just hate the way it looks and though the horses have still have plenty to eat they are happier with it all short and yummy.  And it looks SO much nicer.

My daughter had her first ride since her injury last night and she didn't have any pain!  Yay!  Lily has been a perfect angel since we got home from camp.  Not sure why she seemed to act silly there but that is horses for you.  This weather we have been having is simply amazing.  You couldn't ask for it to be any nicer.  Just lovely.

Lesson with LAZ on Friday!  I have been itching to do a clinic but as of the moment the funds just aren't there right now. I just hope that once school starts up there are enough sub days to help support my lesson/competition fund.  I really could use a full time job to ensure the funds.  I just can't seem to figure out what it is I would like to do.  I saw some courses close to me in equine massage therapy.  Husband isn't convinced I would be profitable.  I tend to think I could do ok.  There is a significant investment but what education isn't?

Sorry for the completely random thoughts.


  1. Glad your daughter had a fun pain free ride. Hopefully you'll come to a decision on the lease though it Seems like you've kinda made up your mind and just are wrestling with if you want to accept it or not yet. Woohoo for a lesson!

  2. Listen to your heart Amy :) This weather - just can not beat it!

  3. I agree with Hillary, sounds like you made up your mind but are wrestling around with it (currently having a similar situation).


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