Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rides, Prize and Names

Names first.  Today the Itty Bitty let me catch her right off.  Still skittish and untrusting but I was able to walk up to her slowly and pet her and take a hold of her halter.  Only about a week and we are making some progress and her ribs are starting to disappear some.  I guess it is probably not as hard to put weight on a 35' pony as a 17 hh pony.  I think I have come up with a respectable name for her also.  Itty Bitty Betty, Betty for short.  It is far better than her previous name and you can come up with all sorts of fun names for nick names.  To get a little bit of size comparison I tried to take some pictures of her next to Steady but they kept wanting to stand on in incline or too far away.  But I did end up getting a pretty good one the shows their true size.
Betty could literally walk under Steady's belly.
 Elaina and I both work with her daily and by work I mean pet, scratch and love on her.  Elaina just has a natural ability with horses that I have never possessed, I have always had to work at being as good as she 'just is'.  She works on her leading and moving her shoulders and hindquarters.  I also tried to get some better pictures of her in the daylight.
"hey lady  why you alwayz buggin me?"

She's a cute thing but the lack of meat on her butt is unacceptable.

Ribby but MUCH better than when she arrived.  Now to work on that poor rear end.

All my rides on Steady have been quite uneventful.  He is being laaaaaazzzeeee.  I think I need to get some spurs.  90% of the year I wouldn't dream of adding any thing more then my heal on that horse.  But it seems he is just as effected by warm weather as he is with cold.   Cold he turns into a crazed hyperactive lunatic and warm he turns into a geriatric snail.  He is being heaving on my leg, heavy in my hands.  So pretty much each ride we work on, when I say move off my leg I mean NOW!  Tomorrow Elaina and I trailer to a friends to jump in her arena(ground is starting to get hard).  Elaina did ride in a lesson on Saturday and both her and Lily were faced with some new jumps and they did great.  It was with a new Pony Club group and we had an awesome time, but more on that another time.
And for the prizes!  Don't forget to enter our contest.  It is super simple to enter.  I have surpassed 100 followers now and we will see how many more will find us.  I have been mulling over what would be a good prize.  I strongly dislike buying gifts for people. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts I just loath having to try to pick something out for someone else that they probably won't want or like or need.  So I made it simple.  A $50 gift card to Smartpak.  I mean who doesn't love Smartpak?  That way if you want to spend it on something unnecessary you can or if it would help to put toward your supplements then you can.  So there you have it share away!!


  1. She's so tiny! Like Thumbalina! Good thing she's starting to fill out a little.

  2. 102 followers! Congrats Amy :)

    Oh that pony is a cutie!

  3. What a cute little girl! The size comparison is comical :)

  4. Tractor Supply has some killer weight gain, stuff's in a big white bucket, you should try it out. When I got my Quarter, he was far from malnourished but very ribby and not NEARLY fat enough, put him on that stuff for a few weeks and you could see the difference. It will make her a little hyped up, though. For the first time, I figured out that saying, "Quarter horses turn on a dime and give back change" because my QH did some running and a whole lotta barrel racing like turns after he got it in his system, and he's normally slow! :)) Also, soaked beet pulp is amazing for that! Sorry for the novel << Have had to deal with far too many skinny horseys!

  5. How old is she? She looks young. She's so cute!!


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