Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eventers Descend

It's that time of year
Filled with equestrian cheer
Donned in their Dubarry's
t-shirts and hats
Eventers descend like predator cats

We watch as they dance
and gawk as they prance
There's corgis galore
and store after store
by Sunday each credit card sore

Take time off of work
get help with the chores
whatever you must
It's Rolex or bust

Ok I am no poet but in spirit of the Eventers Christmas, i.e. Rolex just a week away I couldn't help it.  I am quite excited and I think after the fog of horse show duties dissipates I will actually be able to enjoy the excitement.  OMG I never knew what it took to organize a horse show of this size but NOW I DO!  Lucky me!  Anyways that is a week of posts in and of its own that I will spare you.

Let's Meet up!!!

I'd like us to plan a blogger meet up.  I know there is always that creepy factor but hey we can choose a public place.  Not to mention the possibility of, "what if we don't get along well and it is just really awkward?"  Ok let's just make sure there is alcohol involved.  Every body is friendlier with a drink in them.  I am going to throw some ideas out there and those of you coming to Mecca next week respond and vote on an activity and a day.

Course walk
Makers Mark tent



  1. I am totally in. A fellow blogger is staying with me! Then I know Tracy (fly on over), t Myers (filly a best friend), and a gift horse will atleast be there! I'm all for a blogger meet up :) and have already started planning to meet here and there but a big one would be awesome too! :)

  2. Aw, for a second I thought you were talking about a meet up for this weekend's show ;) I bet you could use a drink after it's over!

  3. Hey - I'm planning on being there Saturday, would love to meet you all in person! I'm game for meeting up for lunch!

  4. Group blogger meet up sounds great, Amy! Emme of I Pick Crazy blog and I have already planned to meet on Thursday night so I will pass on to her whatever you come up with!

  5. Ahh, I'm so jealous! That sounds like so much fun, wish I was closer.

  6. I'm coming, can meet up any day! Let's do this!! (My suggestion is drinks hehehe....what about the reining ?

  7. Not fair!! Us west coasters want to come :)

  8. I will be there all day Thursday and Saturday, lunch and/or drinks sounds like a great idea.

  9. I so wish I could go!! Maybe we can make this an annual meetup and then someday when I can go I'll get to meet everyone too. :D

    Love the poem by the way!


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