Monday, May 12, 2014


I feel like my head spins with all the info I want to share on here, but then there is too much that I don't post.  I want the posts to be interesting and not a ramble of all the things.  That is the reason I am so sporadic on here.  Here is me doing my best not to ramble. 

Remember that last post that I said something like, "Oh Novice, shmovice, yaaaawwwnn."?  Yeah well apparently cross rails are cause for melt downs so I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself.  Things this spring have gotten off to such a good start and silly me kind of expected them to keep heading in that direction.  I mean I jumped the Haffie pony the other day and she was kick ass awesome and sooooo fun!  Now I am thinking I should trade in my 17 hh fancy pants for a 14 hh tank of a pony.  Haffie jumped everything I pointed her at with excitement.  Fancy Pants  hemmed hawed and melted down about poles on the ground.  Stumbling over trot poles, planting his feet and flipping his head on the landing side of a cross rail.  For goodness sake!  I was going to jump a baby grid with a couple 2'3"-2'6" jumps but noooooo.  We never got passed lets get over one cross rail at time with out bolting off or spazzing out.  So that is what we did.  Jumped cross rails until Sir FP could jump them quietly and land in a nice collected, manageable canter.  Sheesh.  So we are going to be going back down to Green as Grass division this year and deferring back to I am 14 but act like I am 3 so I can't do big pony stuffs any more.  Kidding.  Kind of.  Dingus.

Here are some videos of adorbs pony jumping like it was what she was born to do.  (trying to get media ready for a sale ad for her :( )  Seriously, if I could just shrink or she could just grow about 1 more hand I would take her eventing, fox hunting, dressage shows, jumpers, hunters, everything!  She is so uncomplicated and  I mean she can literally do it all.  She loves jumping, she is super brave XC, she has won trophies in Western Pleasure, Hunters, she drives, I could seriously do combined driving on her in a heart beat and she is so darn cute. Le sigh, but she is not 1 hand taller and I don't plan on shrinking any time soon and she is not the best fit for an 11 year old kid so I must sell her.  So for now, enjoy the cuteness.



  1. That last video of her jumping the barrel is adorable!!

  2. Hang in there with Steady--maybe he'll bring his brain back into orbit after a couple more times over fences.

  3. She is adorable!!!! I hope she finds a good home. I'm guessing Steady is just feeling his spring oats. Don't give up on Novice yet!


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