Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring is for blooming

I feel like life has been breathed back into me.  My horses are slowly but surely loosing their winter coats and there is short shiny coats on the way!  Grass is growning, trees are turning green and I rode in a tank top today!  All the horses/ponies are getting worked.  This has been the first year since I have owned him that Steady has felt like he was a bonafide trained horse after so many months off.  I got on  and he got to work.  Doing the whole dressagey thing.  His canter is lovely but it has always been an issue when he is not super fit. I love that he comes back into fitness so quickly.  I swear I looked at him yesterday and I felt like he was an overweight middle aged hippy and today he is looking like a stud in his prime.

My 11 year old daughter has been having a blast on the little pony we are leasing.  And it has made her realize that riding is more fun when you don't have to fight a green pony every ride.  It has also made her agree that selling Lily is what is best for her right now.  So we will be getting Lily back into working mode then getting a sale ad together.  She WILL make a great pony for someone.  I jumped her today for the first time in over 7 months and it was like she never skipped a beat.  She loves jumping and her canter has improve SO much over this winter it is like riding a different animal.  She has amazing uphill transitions.  Like more uphill than I have ever felt on Steady.  She can still get down hill during the canter but for a pony that was incapable of cantering on a circle just months ago it is a whole new world.

I have my therapy back, being back on a horses back so all is right in my world.  I fear that competing, clinics and even lessons will suffer this year.  I start massage therapy school in just two weeks and I have no idea what to expect and how I am going to balance it all.  Also I will be paying a school bill each month which will mean less excess money for non essentials.  Though I tend to believe me competing is actually an essential expense, Ryan does not agree and I can see where he is coming from.  But what this does mean that in just over a year I will be making money and then this money issue will not stand in my way of getting where I want to go!

We will still get out this year you can be sure of that.  It just may not bet the 4-5 recognized events that I would love to do if life, money and responsibilities were not an issue.  And though it seems a bit strange the idea of competing Novice this year actually sound a bit boring.  Strange right!?  So we will be stepping up our game this year and move ourselves along.  Steady is game.  I am game.  Why not?!


  1. Winter was a long one, right? Excited for you about massage therapy school - good for you!

  2. Love the attitude - you are doing the best you can!
    I bet your horses are going to LOVE what you learn in school. :)

  3. I'm so glad to hear you're able to get back on - it really is the best therapy.

    Maybe you'll see it the way I see it, every show I can afford is something to treasure, and I am just happy to be there! Makes me way more relaxed than my teammates who put so much pressure on themselves, so I think it's a good thing.

  4. So glad you have your therapy back. I know how important that is!

  5. Don't you love spring and summer??? I'm glad winter is over! I hope massage school goes well for you! I can't wait until you are earning your own horse money so it's not such a big deal anymore. I'm about to apply for a job too so I can have extra horse money. :)


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