Thursday, May 28, 2015

Itsa Photodump and losing the fire

mustcloseeyes so.much.shine.

Ground tie?  Yeah I do that too.
Hey ladies how you like my crib?

Imma model you know what I mean...

Are you kidding me woman. Enough with the pictures already.

Some may derp but I am the derpiest

K ya da muscles doh.  I do alls the dressige.
Does a simple photo dump seem silly?  I could, maybe should recap my rides lately. That may be interesting to some but I can't even find it interesting enough to write about. Our rides are pretty much normal.  So much so it is kind of boring.  We could go out and get some crazy good scores at Novice.  Just boring.  See I have been at Beginner Novice for a good 3 years now and moving to Novice really seems like a non event.  There is pretty much no difference between BN and N.  I mean how much can one really labor over going in a 20 meter circle at a trot and canter?  One does not need 5 years on this one subject.

I find myself in a very strange place. Bored with Eventing.  I didn't think that was possible, I mean it's like the most exciting sport ever.  It's just like dressage at these levels is just silly now.  I get no excitement out of the idea of going further in dressage either.  I find myself either only wanting to go on trails or jump.  It isn't riding I'm bored of I think it's just that there is really nothing new to learn at this level.  Don't get me wrong I have no plans in moving up to training.  And that is probably the biggest issue. I have nothing to look forward too.  Nothing new to focus on.  My horse knows his job at this point and is happy to do it.

What would you do?  Have you found yourself in this place before? 

We do plan to go XC schooling Saturday with B and Monica and maybe that is just what I need to light the fire again.


  1. Do some jumper shows? Play in hunterland? Learn reining/cutting/something totally else? Idk, I like the idea of dressage but it looks so repetitive.

  2. he is one handsome pony :) sorry everything is kinda boring right now. i'm sorta in the opposite place where everything is shiny and new and exciting... but i know what you mean all the same. but if jumping and trails is what ya wanna do, then go for it ! those dressage skills aren't goin anywhere and will be there when you want them

  3. You can never post too many photos of a handsome chestnut. Never.

  4. Love the photos!! I agree with the others. Could you do a jumper show or something different? Nothing wrong with trails though. That's where my heart is.


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