Sunday, May 24, 2015

We're going places, baby.

It was our first of many trips with all horses locked loaded and ready to go.  

Pony Club lesson at a super nice farm so kid 1 lessoned first kid 3 went second(kid 2 stated home and went fishing with Dad. Remember she is my non riding kid. ) then I took the opportunity to ride in their lovely out door with a full course set up.  Fun fun times.   It was kid 1' s Very first Pony club lesson and they were awesome! Learning to see the diagonals like a boss.  But omgee The cute.

 I love my new trailer!  It hauled like a dream.  All the horses fit comfortably and the ride was easy peasy. Everyone had great rides.  Just a great day. Don't pinch me cause if this is a dream I don't want to wake up.   Here is the rig. I love my new trailer but my truck is still the love of my life. Rock on pony Peeps.


  1. Sounds like a great outting and yay for the new trailer working so well :)

  2. Your rig is definitely awesome! Having a truck/trailer pretty much changed my riding life haha - so much fun to be had!

  3. Awesome that you all got to ride!

  4. These pictures make me so happy to see :D

  5. I so love the color of your truck!! I'm glad you got the new trailer and can have so much fun with your girls. It's so weird to me that one doesn't ride, but it's awesome that you respect her decision. Maybe horses really are a genetic thing with us and it skips some kids?


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