Thursday, September 17, 2015

How do? and over philosophizing.

Man it's been a long time!  I don't even know where to begin or middle or end this.  Many things have transpired since my last time here.  Too many to cover.  One huge thing is, I am employed!  It's been a long road but finally I have gotten to where I was headed.  From a couple years ago toying around with the idea of getting into equine massage and through many twists and turns I am now working as a Licensed Massage Therapist at a high end day spa.  LOL Oh how life laughs at our ideas and plans and puts a whole new spin on them.  NEVER thought I'd work in a spa. Just never.  It's not me.  HAHAHA here I am and I am loving it.  Massage is not easy work by any means but it is an interesting and fun job.  I love to get my hands on a tired, painful or sore body and work my magic and have them get up feeling like they are lighter, less stressed and in less pain.  It's a cool thing.  And worth having to ice your hands and wrists at night and then soak in the hot tub to recover your own muscles.  What does any of this have to do with horses you might ask?  Well one of the biggest motivating factors pushing me through this process is I will have the financial ability to do all sorts of fun stuffs with horses.  And now that I make more money than I ever have in my life.  Like 4 x's more and have to work very part time I will not only still have time to ride I will have money to lesson, clinic and show.  I mean I could realistically be one of those people who are at like every local event!  I mean I won't be because kids but I could if I wanted to.

Goals like qualifying for a Novice 3 day are now realistic and I don't have to be afraid to speak them out loud because I know they will never happen.  Now they are within reach.  I'd hoped to be on that path much earlier in the season but I am just happy I finally am.  For the first time in my life I have the ability to do pretty much anything I want horsey wise.  Tack and cloths and shows, OH MY!  Realistically much of my income will go toward other things like hubby really wants to add on a garage and I plan to invest a certain amount back into continuing education.  But then I'd like to save for an outdoor arena to be put in (crossing my fingers next year.)

Having time to document any of these things is most likely not realistic but I will try to still check in as often as I can.   If you ever have your own farm,  three kids,  three horses and a career you will find out exactly why there is little time and/or energy to blog about it.  But I'd like to.

This summer has been so extremely fun!  We have spent most of our time,  riding,  boating, kayaking, hiking and hanging out with friends.  It's tough but I try not to complain.  It's not all prefect we had pretty much everything with an engine break down within a month besides my truck.  It sucks but it's hard to complain when you have such a privileged life.  We trail rode. Went to pony club camp with two of the kiddos.  Omg Kelcie and Penny xc schooling!   It's even cuter than it sounds.  Both my riding children have no fear btw.  I tried a mylar combo bit on Steady.  Consequent he tried to kill me.  I didn't come off but the dramatic effect of slamming us into a tree was enough for me to know that it was NOT the bit for us.

Eventing goals for me have taken us to new territory.  I'm still wading through trying to figure out exactly where I am headed.  It's strange.  Since starting out on this journey the path has been clear.  I had goals and I was come hell or high water I was on that path to accomplishing them.  While I still have that in me to an extent my drive is gone.  Other priorities have come into play and my once one and only dream is morphing into a collage of ideas, thoughts , hopes and aspirations that include not just me and my horse but my family, my kids, their horses, their dreams and much more.  I am trying to focus in on the "what's the next step" to make headway in any one direction but the harder I try it seems it all just gets bigger and slips out of grasp.  A little over philosophical? Yes but I am just trying to figure it all out.  I feel like it is the beginning of a new chapter when I didn't even realize the last chapter was coming to a close.

I call myself an eventer but now I am so far from it that I am unsure if that is still a defining factor of who I am.  I love riding my horse.  I know that.  But that is the extent of it.  Then there is this unspoken idea that my daughter will soon be moving from her Haflinger and start riding Steady.  (she has become a damned good rider)  I don't want to give up my horse but am I really giving him up?  I wonder if sharing is a realistic idea?  I think it can be.  I mean she gets busy with school and I get busy with work.  Between the two of us maybe we will just be able to keep him in consistent work.  We can trade off riding at events and while yes I know I will have to give up some riding experiences to allow her to experience them I still think it can be done.  If not?  Well I don't love the idea of adding a 4th horse to the mix but it may just have to happen. 

Once the oldest moves up from the Haflinger the middle has her own plans to take over that pony.  Yes my middle daughter.  The only female in this family that didn't have interest in riding now has been asking to go out and ride on the daily.  Poor, Poor husband.  Literally and figuratively.  She is determined to join Pony Club next year.  So 4 riders in the family.  It seems like an anomaly of nature for everyone in the family to enjoy riding horses. A sick anomaly. One in which we never have a retirement because all of our children love the most expensive sport/extra curricular activity on the planet.

That's all I have time for right now.  So I must apologize for no photos.  It just takes more time and I more than anything I just wanted to the this typed out.  Hopefully be back soon with some more exciting and photo filled posts.


  1. Love the update! Glad you're having fun and enjoying this time of life.

  2. how awesome to feel like the new job opened so many doors for you! also exciting to hear your kids and everything else is doing so well too :)

  3. thanks for the update! Glad things are moving ahead. At first I read it that you were a liscenced marriage therapist working at a spa and was confused. Not enough coffee I guess!

  4. I am so excited and so happy for you!! Congrats on the job!! I think sharing Steady with your daughter is a great idea. I remember when you used to blog about how you couldn't keep him in consistent work, but with two of you riding I'm sure he'll be begging for a vacation eventually lol. Don't feel bad for not updating. I really liked what you said on Monica's blog about living life and not worrying about blogging about it. I see your posts on Facebook too which I love. I enjoy all of your posts no matter how long, how short or how many (or not) pictures. :)


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