Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Don't believe it if you see it.

I took a jump lesson yesterday.  I did a semi-private with E and Lilly.  I of course have no photos.  Too busy mom-ing and horse - ing. But I will explain what the photos would have looked like.  See it would start with a video that I strategically capture the most flattering images.  There would be pics of us flying easily over 3'3" and 3'6" jumps.  A whole course laid out of photo after photo of me in my best position over each jump.   Steady with tight knees and ears forward just swallowing those little jumps.  You would all look at all the pictures and be like "gawd these two are some serious bad asses. They must have killed it.  Look at them make those big ass jumps look like child's play."  I'm serious that's what you'd say if you looked at those photos.

But what the photos, that I surely would take extra time capturing those prefect moments,  won't tell you is that upon landing on several occasion badass horse just turned into Ass and took off flailing and bucking. The photos wouldn't let you hear me screaming curse words very loudly for all within a mile to hear.  Nope that'd be our little secret. Don't get me wrong I may throw a token photo in of us making a funny face or something just to show that we aren't perfect.  But not the ones where I climbed his neck,  got off balance and royally pissed him off that again he takes of bucking.  It doesn't show my trainer repeatedly telling me to stop pulling on him and keep him straight.  The photos don't always tell the whole story so as hard as it may be sometimes don't fall into the comparison trap.  And yes I am saying this to myself right now.  Things aren't always as they seem.  Actually most of the time they aren't at all.

On a good note E and Lilly did great.  Worked on moving lazy pony along. Jumped about 2'9"-2'11". They're adorable.  And E told me she really didn't think I was going to fall off when Steady ran off bucking and I lost my reins. I was like,  "oh good because I thought for sure I was joining the dirt club today." Thankfully I didn't but god damn I'm too old for these shenanigans.  Now I need to hit the drawing board and see if I can't figure out why my super willing horse will jump anything I point him at but if his take off or landing is anything but perfect he flips his shit.  Something seems wrong with this picture.  Effing horses!  I think I need to get into hamsters.


  1. I love the photos that I now have in my head. :)

  2. LOL your humor kills me!! Sorry he was such a pain.. that is weird.. but dang I'm impressed with the height both of you are doing now! She's almost to three feet and heck you're halfway to four feet! Eek! So cool. :D


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