Thursday, October 8, 2015


I don't really regret much in my life.  I got married by most people's standards young, at 21.  Against my husband's parents strong opinion that I was not the right one for him.  Then didn't wait 3-5 years before having a baby.  I was pregnant 6 months into marriage.  I didn't space out my children to ensure they each got the deserved amount of attention and proceeded to have 3 children in 3 1/2 years.  I ignored a lot of thoughts and advice on all subjects and did my own thing.  And I regret nothing.  I have now been married for almost 14 years. With some tough spots here and there we are still happily married.  My girls are each others best friends and their age closeness has much to do with that.  I did many things "wrong" and regret none of them.  But you know what I am starting to regret?  Is getting my children a pony!  From the time my first daughter was 1 we have had ponies for them.  And now, you know what?  They all freaking love horses.  This I regret.

How can you regret anything that brought you to this moment of joy?
I am kidding of course, mostly.  But it is getting ridiculous.  Children taking over my horse, taking over my show monies.  What is a woman to do?  Most of you who read this blog don't have children and are probably thanking you lucky stars for that fact.  Next time you are at a clinic just having to make sure you bring tack for one horse.  Snacks and drinks for one person.  Money for meals for just you.  You can think of me and say a little prayer.  That maybe just one day I will get to clinic or show or even get my horse back.

Or this feeling of accomplishment?  3ft!

All kidding aside, mostly.  I took Steady for a lameness evaluation and while he tested positive on the right hind in his hock and more so in his stifle none of it was completely awful.  We started the hopefully short but expensive process of seeing if we can figure out why he is dead set on killing me.  We will see.  We can get back to full work Sunday.  We will go for a lesson on Tuesday and see what happens. Wish us luck!

What is there to regret?

I am sending in an entry to a show! Again wish us luck!  Not for placings or anything silly like that but entering a show after the last lesson we had and not being %100 sure this isn't going to continue has me a little unnerved. It is just a schooling CT so it isn't big deal I just want it to be fun.  I plan to head back to my old stomping grounds to Hoosier Horse Park for the Octoberfest charitiy show.  Saturday is a hunter show and Sunday is a CT.  We will be spending the weekend and playing with the Hunters and Jumpers on Saturday, doing CT on Sunday and XC schooling afterward.  I also plan to sign up ALL 4 of us!  I AM freaking crazy!  That is what you do when you have 3 children that all love to ride and so do you.  You just all do it!  I'll let you know if I live.

We will have entries in;
M 10 yr old - Ground pole
K 8 yr old - Cross rail
E 12 yr old - Beginner Novice
Me - Novice


  1. And this is why you are superwoman. You really are. I'm going to Octoberfest, too --- as a judge!

  2. wow busy weekend!!!! hope you guys have a blast :)

  3. And this is why I did a happy dance when I heard "it's a boy!" Lol! Your family is beautiful, it must be so cool seeing your littles love ponies as much as you do.

    1. Hahaha. My boy loves going to the barn, you may not have escaped the bug ;)

  4. You guys make me smile! Your life is a beautiful chaos. :-)

  5. Lol thanks for adding perspective. You're lucky to have started young, and I think close together is great. You are my hero for 3 under 3, two is crazy enough. I've never been very competitive but I was an only child so all the sharing sounds hard ;)

  6. I love reading this :) Do all the things - all of you!

  7. Hahahaha I can TOTALLY relate! I am actually super thankful that neither of our kids ended up liking horses that much, because in reality it's so much cheaper and easier! Hubby and I get to have all the fun, and the kids do other things.

  8. Go you!! I don't know how you do it, but you do. :D


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