Monday, October 26, 2015


Between blogger and YouTube it makes you want to just give up on adding media.  Geesh! I've had this typed up for a week now and have been trying to get videos on here since.  I added links which is the best I can do at this point.

There a going to be a few of you who know how this story ends from Facebook.  For the rest of you I'm going to be a jerk and let you read to the end.  What a whirlwind weekend.  I can tell you though I did live and it was actually completely amazing,  fun and exhausting.  Our family made quite the team.  Everyone chipping in to get the next person to the ring.  Watching, cheering each other on.  Even the hubs was a complete trooper for an entire weekend of eyeball deep horse stuff.  I was actually expecting for this to be stressful and exhausting but I came away feeling incredibly blessed to be privileged enough to not only own horses and get to ride and train but to do it along side my three beautiful children who fur what ever reason choose to love it as much as me.  To get to show myself and also be coach,  show mom and cheerleader for these three.  Getting to spend an entire weekend doing this passion with the loves of my life.  I couldn't have written a better story for my life if I tried.

Saturday at the hunter/jumper show,  the plan was 4 out of the 5 Grayson's(other 1/5 being Ryan of course) were going to show but when it came down to the last class for the girls, rushing to get Steady ready and hope it went well in the hunter ring sounded a lot like hell. So I opted to skip the show and have a nice CT prep ride. I really don't know how to break up this whole weekend into bite size pieces.  But here's my best shot.

Macy (middle child-10) this was her very first show.  She did ground pole hunter division.  It went well,  she had fun.  She is loving riding now which is crazy because 6 months ago she wanted nothing to do with it really.  She came out frustrated from her first class because she did her courtesy circle the wrong way and missed a pole.  Once I saw how serious she was taking it.  I reminded her this was supposed to be fun and no one gets it all right especially their first time.  It seemed to be all she needed to hear because the rest of the time she had a smile on her face.  She even placed in two out of three of her classes.  A 2nd and a 6th. She was finished first and was such a great helper for everyone the rest of the weekend. She had a great first show and now she's hooked.

Next was Kelcie who did the cross rail classes.  I thought Penny was being a little shit for her.  because Kelcie picked up the canter and flew through her rounds at mach 10. They were completely adorable either way.  Come to find out later she tells me,  "I wanted her to go fast so I made her".  Lol, ok. Whatever,  the kid is 9 and having fun jumping her pony.  Can't ask for more then that.  I may be a lot of things but a stage mom I am not.  If they are safe and having fun then that's aok with me.  There is video of the speed hunter round.

you can play in hunters without looking the part. So BOWS!  Ungodly expensive completely worth it. Cause bows!

Kelcie and Penny Pincher Hunter round

Elaina and Lilly finished up our full day on Saturday by looking like a couple of pros out there in the 2'6" division.  Their rounds were pretty much perfect. Not even kidding.  They got every lead had perfect striding.  It was a smooth as buttah.  I couldn't be more proud of these two and how far they've come.  Some of you may not know their whole story
But they have been through it together. When you are 10 years old and break your leg on a horse not too many come back after that much less with that same horse.  But this kid never missed a beat.  Never once wanted to give up on the pony and went and trained her to be the solid horse she is today.  Just watch the videos.  They make me want to do better, be better and get better.   She also ran over and did a 2'9" warm up jumper round for fun and experience.  We only did warm up because we have no interest in rushing Lilly through for time.  That is not a good choice for her training.  But the decorated jumps and jumper turns are great experience.  Not surprisingly they rocked it!  At 12 the kid is growing up to be a lovely,  poised, confident rider. It's a privilege to watch and be a part

Elaina and Lilly hunter round 1

Elaina and Lilly hunter round 2

While the kids fed and cleaned up I went out to ride my beast.  I was displeased with his distracted hyperness.  I decided to get off and lunge and I'm so glad I did.  After I got him listening I got back on and he was a dream.  We popped over a couple jumps and he felt amazing. Now let's just hope this holds for tomorrow.

We tucked in the horses and went back and met Ryan back at the hotel where he retreated mid afternoon to watch the Michigan vs Michigan state game.  We made it back just in time for that tragic ending of that game.  We didn't emerge again until about 6 am Sunday morning.

to be continued...


  1. LOL that cracked me up what Kelcie said about wanting her to go faster! Way to go being brave and having fun! She really was flying!!

    Elaina and Lilly look awesome! You must be so proud of your girls. :D

    I'm glad Steady settled after some longeing and you had a good ride.


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