Thursday, March 3, 2016

Home coming!

Lego is home!  Yesterday I took the day to spend with my oldest daughter.  I surprised her in the morning after she got ready for school that in fact she was skipping school today to go pick up her horse!  Best mom ever status achieved!  She said that skipping school to go pick up her horse was pretty much heaven for her.  We about 24 hours in and everyone is already pretty much settled. Besides the occasional game of "ring around the round bale" that they seem to enjoy playing.
One Happy Kid.

We got stall number 4 all ready.  Hooked up the trailer and off we went to Cincinnati.  The trainer brought him up from the field and it was a fairly quick process of getting vet paperwork and loading up.
Loaded up and ready to head home.

 We pulled up and opened up his window so he could pop his head out and all three horses were out in the field simultaneously looked at him, looked at each other then ran to the fence to stare and snort at the new guy.  He walks off the trailer.  Looks around for about 1 second then proceeds to put his head down to eat.  I walked him the fence so they could say hi.  He doesn't even bother lifting his head while he is sniffed by Steady and the randomly jump and run. 

Oh Hai.  You guys have good grass here.
That was completely uneventful.  So we put him in our small dry lot so they could all look at each other across the driveway.  Initially I thought he would hang out there for a couple days until everyone became ho hum about each other.  I didn't foresee him being completely ho hum from the get go.  He just was.

Oh look hays too.

Hello Beautiful

 I gave them a couple hours like that then decided to introduce him into the pasture.  I pulled out Lily because I figured of everyone she would be the most drama.  Turns out Penny found this as her opportunity to finally boss someone around.  Steady is just insistent that he must be in between him and his ladies at all times.  Again Lego?  Completely unfazed by any of them or their attempts to draw him into pointless prancing and running.  He pretty much ignores all of them and looks for food.  I am falling in love with this guy more and more by the second.  Such a chill guy.

I have to say I like the look of him in the field.  We now have a chestnut/flaxen, Liver chestnut, gray and a bay.  It's like a rainbow of colors when you look out the window.  We stuck him the cross ties in the evening and groomed him.  I did a bit of ground work to see how he would be and you guessed it.  He was completely chill about it.  Then Elaina did some ground work with him.  This will be a daily occurrence with him until he understands that ground manners are A #1 around here.  If I can't lead my horses with only a lead rope around their neck and have complete control.  Standing, stopping, backing, trotting, stopping with no physical pressure then they hit the round pen.  It is just how it is around here.  I have too many kids handling them and I do not need my 9 year old dragged across the yard to get to a patch of grass.  And right now I think being leased and used at a lesson barn his ground work was never consistent enough. It is clear he knows what manners are he just tries to figure out whether or not they are optional. 

Meeee drag small children for fooodz????

He is such a gorgeous creature.  I am still in disbelief we got lucky enough to get such an incredible horse for next to nothing.  I've looked longingly at draft crosses for years and daydreamed of getting one.  But didn't think it was in the cards unless I got a young one and started from square one.  Which was not something I was particularly fond of doing.  I just feel so blessed to add this guy to our family.  He is going to be so fancy!  You should see his trot.  It's gorgeous. Ground covering, impulsion, just beautiful movement.

Why are they trying to smell my butt do they not see there is grass?
And now the shopping!  He needs all the things!  I am going to post next about all the things we need to buy for him.  Rolex is coming up soon too!  But it would be nice to find some stuff we need used at a good discount.  One thing we already had waiting for him when he came home a nice triple stitched leather halter and a name plate. 

Welcome home Legacy!  There will be no more bouncing around from barn to barn, lesson kid to lesson kids or leaser to leaser.  You are home now!


  1. Congrats on getting the new guy home

  2. This is just too awesome!! Lucky pony and humans!

  3. he just sounds like the coolest horse already! i'm sure his ground manners will snap back into shape pronto :D

  4. Congrads on your new family member!

  5. Love this! He looks like the perfect addition to your family.

  6. "Gorgeous creature" is right -- what a dream come true.
    Lovely horse for your daughter and family.
    Lovely home for a lucky horse.

  7. He is so stinking cute!

    I will have to say your horses are some of the most well behaved beasts in person <3

  8. Your daughter looks so happy! He's super gorgeous!! And that halter is just so nice....

  9. You are definitely the best mom ever!! :D He is SO gorgeous! I am so happy he has joined your awesome family. That halter is gorgeous too. I soooooo wish we could afford to go to Rolex again this year. *pout* So sad we didn't get to meet last year.


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