Friday, August 31, 2012


This morning there is a huge amount of improvement.  He is bearing weight on it now and not walking 3 legged lame.  I am not silly enough to think all is well again.  I can see he is still being cautious with it but it gives me hope that it was just a minor tweak and he is on the mend.  So I am breathing a sigh of relief for the moment.  Thank you all for all your thoughts they are working, keep them coming.


  1. Yeah - good news! I have been putting Hennessy's old jump boots on Riva when I ride until I get her proper dressage boots ordered, because we are pretty sure she knocked her inside front with her opposite hind and caused her injury. Course if she does it in the pasture, I can't stop that!

  2. Thats fantastic he is appearing to be better. i clearly need to do some reading because im not very up to date with what happened :(

  3. That is wonderful, just in case, you might try soaking his leg in Epson salts it can't hurt.

  4. Awesome! The sudden appearance and quick recovery means it's most likely not soft tissue. WIN!!

  5. Hopefully this is just life reminding you that you actually have very little control with these things and need to roll with the punches.


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