Thursday, August 23, 2012

Score my ride.

I had to get on tape the exact test I rode just a few days ago that I received a whopping score of 53 on.  The vast difference of the horse under me today and the horse under me on Saturday would make you think they were two different horses.  Really if you were blindfolded and riding I don't think you would ever guess they were the same horse.

So you be the judge.  Literally what score would you give on this test?  Besides the cranky canter transitions his movement was quite nice.  And that free walk, hello coefficients!  The hip dislocating swinging hindend and over reaching, stretching over his back..sigh.

I guess one good way to look at it is that in the end my dressage score didn't even matter because I fell on my head!  Now if only one of these days I can get THIS horse to show up at a horse show.  The same horse that I get every day at home now that would be awesome!


  1. Nice! I would be banging my head in frustration if Steady was my horse. Or should I say if Show Steady was my horse because he is super fancy at home. Dressage score? 27? At the most? Your first canter transition was a little late. :)

  2. He looks lovely! Your freewalk was wonderful. His trot maybe needed a hair more impulsion? Dunno. I'm not much of one for dressage and I haven't watched a whole test yet this year aside from this video. :-/ It's true...

  3. Banging my head against a wall does happen Carly. I just 'LOVE' when people say things to me at show like, "if you just did this" or "you just need to work on this". I know that these people are genuinely sweet and helpful people so I don't hold it against them but they just don't understand.

    SB you are right his trot was a bit flat which is not the norm for him but the ground is hard as shit around here :( and I think that has alot to do with it. But he is round and in many places lifting through his back and most of all reeeellaaaxed.... And you not one for dresage? Girl give yourself more credit than that you are quite the DQ...hehehe. No really though I have seen you take two horses, one quite the opposite of the typical dressage pony and turn them into quite acceptable dressagers so you can't fool me :)

  4. I don't know the test and I know nothing about scoring (especially the way eventers score) so I can't really say on that. I was thinking though... about the Show Steady thing.... is there anyone you know who has a dressage arena that you can haul to for some practice. Since he's used to working in a field on hard ground I'm wondering if the sand might be an issue? I mean how many times has he actually been on sand? Or it could be the fence? Not sure, just an idea. I think you guys looked great. To me your stirrups looked too short and your legs were in an eventer position, but I'm a dressage rider, not an eventer, so I'm probably just being picky lol!!


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