Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Let the Count Down Begin!

Gratuitous video of me jumping Lego when I test rode him. I love how quick his knees snap up over the vertical.  I see novice easy in E And L's future and likely Training. 

We got a date on the calendar!  Next Wednesday at 10 AM I pick up the new beast! It worked out perfect that he just got his feet done and my farrier comes next week.  So everyone will already be on the same schedule.   Now to get his stall ready.  It's actually pretty much ready it just needs shavings, a water bucket, a feed tub and a latch for his door.  All things which we already have so it will only take a few minutes.  But it's fun prepping for a new addition.  I may take the girls to the boarding barn he's at to meet him this weekend.  I'm already checking the 10 day forecast to see when I  can get him out on the trails!  The girls are really happy that they all now have their very own horse.  No sharing necessary!  My gosh they are freaking spoiled. But they do work their little butts off and are very grateful children.  I'm actually quite spoiled  myself with them since they do all the feedings, stalls, turn out etc. A cute story about how their little hard working minds work.  The only thing I was dreading (besides being separated from more of our money that should probably be going to a retirement fund instead of ultimately a manure pile) is the fact the 3 kids 3 stalls worked out perfectly.  4 horses?  Would that mean I have to go out and clean stalls in the freezing tundra?  All ready to pick up the slack and do so I say the kids at dinner one night.  "What are we going to do about having 4 stalls to clean? " thinking they would say I'd need to clean one.  They say "oh we already worked that out. Since we dump the wheel barrow 2 times a day two people take turns dumping and the other cleans the stall.  Then we rotate who does what. " Well shit I think I just got myself out of cleaning stalls by just raising some good kids.  BOOM!


  1. ha your kids sound like excellent little negotiators

  2. Will they come live with me for awhile?! Love the jump video!

  3. wow, what a great answer, they aren't spoiled.

  4. Awww what an adorable man!! Excited for you :)

  5. LOL!! Your kids are so awesome!!!!!!! You've done a great job raising smart, hard working kids. They deserve this new horse for sure. ;D


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