Tuesday, February 16, 2016

To Do List

I'm making a to do list and several of the things on that list are horse related.  The funny thing is that NOT on that list is to write a blog post.  Yet here I am.  It's kinda nice to have horse related things on a to do list. Because it feels like the only thing I will ever do with a horse again is clean up its fecal matter.  It's that time of year in my world.  Where winter seems nearly over yet endless.

The List

Send in Event camp entry
Secure Rolex plans
Go look at a horse
Look up and plan show season

Wait what?!  Put on the brakes.  Horse to look at?  Yeah.  I'm nuts but it makes sense right.  4 people in house that ride horses and only 3 horses?  What is the sense in that?  I have actually resigned to sharing Steady and moving on.  Not feeling the need to run out and get another horse the second I might possibly be able to use one.  Then someone posts a horse for lease that sounds like a little(using that word figuatively.  he is only 15.3 HH but half Clydesdale) gem.

How cute is he.  I know people who have known him for years that say he is a doll.
11 years old, 15.3hh, Clydesdale X .  Loves to jump, good on trails, easy keeper, great feet.  Thats what I know for now.

 So while I'm not getting my hopes up (or at least trying my best not to) I am excited about looking at him and the prospect that I might have a horse that will be a Hunt horse for me.  I want to hunt. I would love to hunt regularly but I do not have a beast suitable for the sport.  I have never taken Steady hunting.  And no matter how badly I want to hunt it will never outweigh my terrified image of what will happen to me and my horse on a hunt.  Best case scenario is we are excused because he passed the Master.  Worst?  We won't even go there.  And Elaina having another option for a horse to event would be ideal.  I already decided that Steady and Elaina will be dressage and Show jump partners and we'll leave the XC part out of it for a while for them.  So cross your fingers we end up with this guy cause he sounds like a good fit for us in our lives right now.  I am happy not purchasing.  Our lives are ever changing with the kids, so permanet is not the best solution for us for now.  Even Elaina she is a good rider but she is only 12.  Maybe in 2 more years we will have a better underststanding of what the best horse for her is but right now it's too early to tell.  Anyways, the idea of having a horse to ride in the winter who won't try to randomly kill me makes me giddy.


  1. Hope all works out for a new guy to add to your family!

  2. So exciting!! Good to hear from you, glad you're having fun. :-)

  3. Event camp entry? Where? We just signed up for MDHT!

    1. Come again farm near Indianapolis.

  4. Good luck on the horse hunt! that is exciting!

  5. I saw something about this on FB and I'm so excited. He is so cute!! I hope he works out well for you family. :)


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