Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Horse Mom

I am going to wrap up into one post the many Lessons and clinics that I have been to lately.  No, not as a participant but as a chauffeur, brunt labor, hydrator and spectator.  It seems my life is becoming more and more of that and less and less of me actually getting to participate in the horse activities.  There is a sadness and a feeling of loss there.  But it is freaking amazing getting to do this with my kids and all my kids no less.  No being torn in different directions with different interests.  Nope we all just get to gorge ourselves to our hearts content on all things equine.  Some times probably a bit too much.  But it is hard to resist when it is so much fun!  Like the other night.  We set out for a "little" trail ride at about 6pm while hubby is cooking dinner(I know it's sickening how spoiled I am).  All 4 of us on our perfectly matched equine partners.  We got so engrossed in trails and fun and jumping things that we failed to return home until about 9:30!  Hubby was a tad irritated that dinner he had made was now cold.  I can't blame him but he quickly got over it because we all had smiles ear to ear.  I have concluded that I am probably the absolute worst at adulting.  I have a messy house, piles of laundry and so many chores to be done and an entire unscheduled weekend to do it.  Guess what I got done?  A boat ride, a trail ride, trip to a tack store, a hike, hanging out in the hot tub about 2 hours each day and that is pretty much it.

Well here is a run down of all the clinics and lessons that have kept me in the barn and got me out of the house chores!

All girls took a vaulting lesson.  It's a strange sport but fun.  I think all the kids liked running around the barn in socks just as much as flying around on horses.
Kelcie practices vaulting.

Macy's turn.

It's hard to see but that is K standing up.

Show jump lesson with David Beisel.  E and K both had a lesson with David.  It was Elaina's first outing with Lego and he was bit amped at the beginning. It didn't take long for his draft roots to show and he calmed nicely.  He did everything asked of him and E really liked David.  Kelcie had to spend most of the lesson slowing Penny down.  That is par for the course with those two..lol

K in the adorablest pony lesson evar!

So much blur but ermahgerd so much cute!

2 Games lessons for K and M and even E got to borrow a pony for one of the lessons.  These are always really fun for the girls.  If you are not familiar with games it is one of the Pony Club sports but it is also an international competitive sport.  The kids really enjoy it and it is a fun way to improve your balance, seat and stickability without even thinking about it because you are playing games.  They involve all sorts of props.  Too many to list but watch some you tube videos and I'm sure you'll be pulling out all kinds of barrels, poles,  coffee mugs,  cones,  tennis balls,  buckets, sticks etc wanting to get your game on. Watch these hard core gamers do running mounts.  It's super fun.  E has been perfecting her running mount on Lily.  No photos of games but here is a video of a badass girl and her pony and a gratuitous Corgi eating ice cream photo.
And M grazing L after a games lesson.

Watch this video to see how crazy fun Games looks!

Kelcie did her D2 Certification.  We hauled Penny to Twin Towers the local horse park and basically hung out while K was tested all day.  If you aren't familiar with a Pony Club Certification Test.  Well it's intense to say the least.  They are tested in every single aspect of horsemanship, horse management, veterinary care, riding on the flat, show jump and XC.  They and their horse must be impeccably turned out and know their stuff.  K passed with flying colors!  She studied and practiced hard to do so.

XCing like a badass

Nailed it!  Then braided her pony's mane with her friends.

Walking out to XC course.

Eventing clinic for all 3.  This was a one day clinic with each having a lesson in each phase over the one day.  OMG! Mom overload.  This day was exhausting.  The kids had fun and learned a lot and that was the point.  But dammit all if it did like to kill me!  Lego was perfect.  Lily was for flat and SJ but as per normal lost her shit a bit XC and unseated M. Then she did enough theatrics for  Mom to get to ride that day. I always make it a point that if I have to get on you because you are misbehaving for a child you better believe that you sure as hell will regret it.  Macy was able to get back on after Lily's time out with mom and Got to go over Couple things to end their otherwise great day!

Her quote of the day, "MOM I LOVE THIS HORSE!!!!"

Our pretty regular view.

K and her friends that all passed the Pony Club Certification the day before all rode in the clinic together.

These two <3

What you find at the end of 2 really long, tiring, fun horse filled days.  Smiling collapsed 9 year old in the trailer.

Does it get more perfect?

What does she do when she gets home?  Read a horse book of course.

Mah girls!

XC schooling for E and Lego.  That horse has not disappointed.  He has over and over proven to be the coolest horse I have ever owned.  Jumps anything and everything you point him at.  Is not lazy and never gets overly anxious about anything.  He is a dream.  We hadn't really seen him go XC before and again he proved to be a saint.  Jumped everything he was pointed at.  Popped over the ditches with no thought, up banks, down banks.  In the field completely alone? NBD.  Such a cool horse.  Damn lucky kid.

Damn lucky kid!

M jump lesson. It was a brisk, windy day and all 3 horses in the lesson were feeling it.  All being pretty green riders on enthusiastic horses they ended up doing a lot of flat work with a gymnastic line worked in at the end.  M and Lily did great!
Not from actual lesson but Macy and Lily <3

Coming up on the docket?  Me spending all my damn money on these kids.  I will keep complaining about it.  Even though I am still going to do it I just have to vent that to the universe once in a while.

Wednesday weekly lessons for me with M.
Kids having a tack cleaning party with PC Friday (think I can sneak my tack in on this party?)
Little jumper show Saturday for me and E with Monica and B!
XC schooling for K and E this weekend
E starts working for trainer at her barn 2 days a week and Lego over nighting and lessoning both days.  So excited for this opportunity for her.
Following week is Pony Club camp all 3 kids for 4 days
the next week a lesson M and K
the next week is Mega rally for all 3 girls at Kentucky horse park.  3 days for  M and K. 5 days for E. We will be camping there.  Maybe I will do the Midsouth horse trial that weekend.  Maybe?
That will take us through June and by then we will all need a break. My bank account included!


  1. I am so exhausted reading this - so many memories you all are making! Your girls better realize how very lucky they are to have a supportive, horse loving mom :)

    1. They mostly do. If they weren't incredibly respectful and grateful their lives would be quite different. I am one to go to the moon for you but if you don't value the investment then I won't put in the effort. I think they get that about me which makes it all work. You did a pretty awesome job with your wonderful girls too Momma!

  2. You are the best mom! Dust always comes back but not weekends with your kids.

  3. omg, how much coffee do you consume to keep up with all this? What an awesome adventure for you and your girls, there's something so awesome about having your child like something you are passionate about. And so happy you found your unicorn, Leggo. Does he have a cute brother for me? ;)

  4. Oh my lord I'm tired form reading this. But what a life!! Any you're amazing :) Your girls will benefit so much from the tim you're spending with them

  5. Hasn't anyone told you? These life experiences and memories your girls have trump clean laundry, dinner and a clean house.

    You get BONUS points as parents. Your girls and their horses could not look any happier.

  6. Wow! You must have tons of energy and everyone looks happy. Thank goodness for the understanding husband!

    I could barely stop watching the video of the girl do running mounts on her pony. So mesmerizing.


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