Thursday, May 26, 2016

Marathon weekend post #1

This may feel like a marathon of a post.  As it also felt like a marathon of a weekend.  I will squeeze all Friday and Saturday horse activities into this post and save  Sunday for another.  Because so much adorable media for Sunday.  I am severely lacking in media from the show.  My phone has no memory left.

SO we've got a lot to cover and not a lot of time to do it.  It's pretty much nonstop in my life so documenting it all is tough.  This past weekend was a busy one.  It was exhausting.  A bunch of running and not much sleep.  And I am taking the advice of many of you to heart about not worrying about cleaning and just focus on making memories because that is what really matters.  I completely agree.  So long laundry pile! We've more fun stuff to do.  Though you are not allowed to be offended if you ever come visit and there is no where to sit due to laundry covering the surface of all my couches!  Deal?  Deal!

It all started Friday evening with a  Pony Club tack cleaning party.  Not much to cover there.  Pretty much self explanatory.  Haul massive amounts of tack to someone else's house so the kids can sit together and clean tack.  It is far too much work to haul everything around but it did get the kids to clean their and MY tack while I drank sangrias so that's not so bad.

Saturday we slowly got moving to head out to a little show that had a few jumper classes mixed into the  combined tests.  We were meeting Monica and B out there which was the most exciting part!  I like the fact that there were times given for the jumper classes.  Showing up to do our classes at 11?  Not bad at all. The plan was to take myself, Steady, Elaina and Lego to do the 2ft, 2'3" and 2'6" classes.  Kelcie was watching us pack up and asked if she could go.  I wasn't planning to take her because she was to go to her games practice that evening but who can resist my sweet adorable Kelcie wanting to jump?  Not me.  So she too loaded up all her stuff and off we went.  I think Monica thought we were crazy rolling in 15 min. before the first class opened.  But I am probably one of he least likely people to get stressed out that you'll ever meet.  Like stress is not in my constitution.  I'm pretty sure that is the only way one could survive the hectic life I lead.  If I easily stressed I would be the most miserable person on the planet.  I work best under pressure and everything must be done quickly but NEVER rushed.  I got on Steady and he was, well, Steady at cold, windy spring show.  Not awful, not mean just his high energy can't stand still self.  6 years into this with him I think it's time to accept that is just who he is.  This behavior used to stress me and frustrate me.  I used to think I could train him out of it,  or he would grow out of it.  Nope it is just him.

Dis horse, Dis face, Dos eyes

I didn't want to jump in the warm up before the first class.  A) I could feel the ball of energy under me that I did not want to unleash.  B) it was a sloppy wet day and the footing was questionable.  And C) we were going to jump 10 2 ft jumps in the class.  That kind of sounds like a warm up if you ask me.  My trainer convinced me to take him out and jump a couple things in warm up.  Well it was interesting and I'm glad there weren't too many people out there with us.  Less people to mow down with my wild horse.  I tried slowing him down without hauling in his face.  I mean that's an actual goal of mine right now in my riding. Yes I set goals that ridiculous because I really ride that bad.

Anyways I'm dragging this out and there is no need or time for that.

2 ft class:
  • Amy and Steady - really fast,  he has no respect for 2 ft jumps.  I circled him in front of jump 8 because it was a tight turn and he was barreling a bit out of control by that point.  But otherwise an uneventful round.
    closest thing to media I have. It cut out right at jump 6 where he really started ignoring me and getting fast.
  • Elaina and Lego - They were prefect.  Of course.
  • Kelcie and Penny - Kelcie asked if she should trot or canter.  I told her it's up to her. If she felt penny wad listening then canter or if she was getting too fast then trot. I could tell when she picked up the canter and jumped jump 1 that penny was going the, too fast, route and Kelcie made the right decision and trotted the rest of the course.  As always penny is very obedient and the sweetest pony but she vang easily barrel around at ridiculous speeds which is no good for jumping.

1st  Elaina and Lego
3rd Kelcie and penny
4th Amy and steady

They actually told me Kelcie got 4th and me 3rd but I'm not completely positive the correct way to score jumpers but if Kelcie is a slower time yet I circle in front of a jump then I should be counted a refusal and Kelcie should beat me out.  The kid deserved a better placing than me.  She rode better and her pony behaved better.

  • Amy and Steady - this class was better.  He started to relax after standing around at the gate for an hour.  I started to speed up 3/4 the way through and wasn't adjustable the way I'd like but he does know how to go out and jump all the things.  We went clear and went clear on the jump off.

  • Elaina and Lego - Do I need to say it? Besides them needing to fine tune and more tactful things of making a good horse and rider pair. They still go out with control and knock out a course.  Clear for them in both rounds.

  • Kelcie and Penny sat this out.  I thought she might be able to do this class also cause they can jump 2'3". But after seeing that they really jacked up all the jumps and put in like 5 oxers I asked if she wanted to and she said nope.  Which I was happy about. So Kelcie spent the next couple hours cantering around the warm up.  :) their adorable.  And at a really small low key show this isn't an issue so I let her have at it.

1st Amy and Steady
2nd Elaina and Lego

An dat tail make erryone jealous.  M and B in background <3

  • Amy and Steady - by this time Steady was chill and this round rode perfectly.  He was adjustable,  listening and I wish every round could go so well.  Clear in both the class and jump off.

  • Elaina and Lego - as if your doubted they were great.  Don't get me wrong he is not the easiest ride. But she is a good rider and can get him there.  Though I'd be happier if she got him there straighter but they have only been together a couple months and they will get there with the finesse. Both rounds double clear.

1st Amy and Steady
2nd Elaina and Lego

It was really fun competing against my kids.  We've never done that before.  And it was pretty awesome that my kids got to beat their mom.  At least in one class.  They deserved it. They were better.  But let's be clear I'm not the mom who will "let" their kid win.  If they want to beat me then they better work to earn it.  But I'm also truly happy when they do beat me fair and square.

We were not able to stick around until they placed the 2'6" class So the amazing M picked up our ribbons for us.  We had to quickly load up and head home.  Swap out horses for ponies and head to the games lesson.  K and M ride Penny and Lily and a Pony Club family brings and extra pony for E to ride.  I won't labor on about the games lesson.  I'll just say the kids love it.  They are starting to get the hang of some of the games and getting a bit more brave and adding a little speed into the mix.  My kids are pretty good riders but it adds a whole new element when you are talking about weaving poles with one hand holding an object and leaning halfway off your pony to set the object on a cone or into a bucket.  They are working on their running mounts and doing quite well.  M has a hard time with it though.  She is just not built for it right now.  But E can mount from a trot now and is working on the canter and K can actually now hop on from a stand still so next will be working on walking.  That is one of the most fun things to learn.  It's just cool to be able to run along side your pony and jump on. 



  1. Way to go!!! Looks like you all had an great experience at the show - plus as a kid, I would have loved competing against a parent. And it sounds like Steady found his groove - very cool. AND the kids still had energy for PC games later? You guys don't stop- looks like a super fun Saturday!

  2. Whew!!!! I don't know how you do it!

  3. What an awesome weekend! good for all of you!

  4. oh man, busy busy busy - but soooooo fun!! glad you all had a blast. seems like the kiddos are just thriving and blossoming into excellent riders!

  5. You make me tired, just reading it. Glad Steady comes around. I find the higher jumps help too, since then they have to at least pause over them, unlike the 2' speed bumps lol.


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