Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Haul

I am NOT a shopper.  I do all I can to stay out of stores as much as humanly possible.  I don't like spending money and I don't like looking through a thousand items saying, "omgee isn't this so cute?!"  That actually makes me want to poke out my own eyeballs with a  hot fire poker.  I don't believe in retail therapy.  Going shopping stresses me out and I feel like I need therapy afterwards.  See I just don't like it.  So Rolex is actually perfect for the I hate to shop shopper.  It is a one stop shop.  Anything you could want will be there for purchase.  If you know where the vendors are you can stop in get what you need and walk out.  Or you can peruse to your hearts content or you can go watch horses.  So I save up for this reason.  I'd rather pay a bit more at Rolex then look for 2 months online for the best deal.  See I don't even like online shopping either.  Because I have saved up for it and have the money set aside specifically to spend that weekend I don't get the guilt that come with typical shopping and spending money that I usually get.

This year I had a smaller list than in years past.  I had no 'big' item to purchase and I had 3 kids that could use a few things.  Get your kids into horses.  It'll be good for them.  And you'll regret it every time you try to balance your budget.  Just got questioned by the husband yesterday why I have about $200 a month each month in just pony club expenses.  Opps, my response is.  I actually have purposely not been keeping track.  You should try that coping method.  I think it works a bit better than the checking the bank account and balancing the budget. 

So a budget of only $500 will get you pretty far.  There were some cheap but functional purchases, some needs fulfilled, some wants, possibly a drunk purchase, some super good deals AND one purchase that will make the whoriest of tack whores proud.

4 Pairs of schooling breeches 2 for M and 2 for E that were $11.99 each.  They had to do a bit of digging and trying on but they are old enough I left them to it and went to buy some other fun stuff.

1 Pair of XS Woof Boots for K and Penny.  Those are not pictured because we had to purchase them and have them ordered and shipped because they did not carry the XS pink boots.  These where actually a good deal for $26.  I haven't been able to find them on sale and are usually $38.  They were one of two things on Kelcies list.  The other was a fly mask for Penny.  The boots.  I can't wait to see how tiny and adorable they will look on Penny.

1 fly mask for Penny $21.

Purple slow feed hay bag $42 for K and Penny

Pink and black cotton lead $5.  K and Penny

Noble Equine athletic wear shirts 8 assorted colors and sizes for all 4 of us. ranging from $7-$11.  Awesome deal!

3 Pairs of Noble Equine schooling gloves. $6.95  I am actually kicking myself I didn't by more of these.  You can't have enough schooling gloves with 4 people riding.  Me, K and M.

Things I needed:

SmartPack Lined dressage leathers $52.  You can get this price online right now a SP but they were a nice leather and the best price I could find from any of the vendors.

Compsiti Irons with royale blue grips  $37  They are a good quality less expensive composite stirrup.  I wasn't sure if I was ready to buy into the composite thing but for that price who cares really if they are only a fad for a year or two.

A splurge for the super Corgi was a new rolled leather engraved brass collar and lead.  Cause the best dog ever needs fancy.  This was a day drinking purchase so I am not %100 on what I paid.  Most likely far too much for a collar and lead but it was worth it.  I am thinking it was in the range of $85ish.

I happened upon some nice free t-shirts for the girls and I. $0

And lastly my purchase that would make a tack whore drool.  Thanks to my friend that knows her tack and how to sniff out a good deal.  I now own a bridle that is far more fancy than any of my animals.  I told Elaina she could have it for Lego but I may have to steal it back if I ever make into a fancy dressage show.  It is a Vespucci Rolled leather Dressage bridle.  It is double bridle but it is easy enough to take out the extra piece.  I find it funny that the bridle my daughters horse will wear retails for the same amount as the actual horse cost.  I paid $75 for it.  This is the bridle.

Which totaled up left me at about $435 which is about right because I even made it home with a few dollars in my pocket.

Over all I am super happy with all my purchases.  We got practical things and some fun stuff.


  1. Good haul. I got the same stirrups. I'm also not sure I like them, but they were cheap and blue so I went for it.

  2. I missed that deal on gloves! I always pick up a few of the $5 dressage whips - never see them anywhere but Rolex for that price. You found some great deals!

  3. Sounds like a good time! How cool to have your girls do it all with you. :-)

  4. Omg so many things!! I personally think the bridle was a great purchase and the dog collar/leash, obvi.

    I too loathe shopping and want to die thinking about it.

    You scored some sick deals.

    Avoidance is best for everything :P


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