Thursday, November 11, 2010

I can't get enough of this story.

I have officially been sucked in.  Alydar's story is so moving.  Not to mention the rivalry between him and Affirmed.  In the race for the Triple Crown which Affirmed won and the last horse to win the Triple Crown Alydar gave him a run for his money every time.  And Alydar became the only horse in history to come in second in all three triple crown races. Alydar came in second with a total combined distance for all three races was less than 2 lengths!  The Jockey's themselves have some pretty amazing storys too.  Now tell me it wouldn't make for a fantastic movie.

Here they are the first of the three races the Kentucky Derby.

Second is the Preakness.

Last is the Belmont. It is a nail biter.


  1. The Belmont where Affirmed beat Alydar is the only Triple Crown race I've ever been to - I picked a good one! I still remember it vividly, and the match-up between these two great horses all season.

  2. What an awesome race to go to!!

  3. Thanks for sharing those! Now I can say I've seen a Triple Crown winner haha. :D The Belmont was incredible!


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