Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pause in the event update for leg pics.

Sorry I am delayed in updating about the show they will be posted soon.  The reason I have been neglecting my update is because I have gotten absolutely hooked on a blog I have been following for a while but started back at the begining of her blog and haven't been able stop reading.  It is We are Flying Solo and if you are a wanna be eventer or have any interest in reading about it I highly recommend starting at the begining.  It is an awesome read and a great story about evente79 and her horse Solo.  You can do as I have done these past 3 days cuddle up on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and indulge my addiction of all things horse.

Anyways she has some fantastic posts on horse boots including a very informational video that you can find here .   I am need of some advice on the subject and begged her help.  So I am posting some pics of the problems my Steady has with his legs.  So here they are my big guys sexy legs.

Front left there is a healed over lump on the fetlock.  I think this is a recurring problem because of the lump.

Right front
There is that lump again

Mom I am not amused.

The definition of truth and heart is in those eyes.

Oh wait we're talking about legs.


Right hind seems to get the wosrt of it

Left hind

These are front boots that I use now.  From watching the video posted on WaFS I learned that the only function these really serve is puncture wounds.  Which I think is better but does not protect from concussive blows which is important especially if they are recurring. 

Also remember that Steady raced for 8 years so some of the marks on his legs are old wounds from his days at the track but he is sound and has been since I have owned him.  Though I think part of him staying solidly sound for so many years has alot to do with his incredible tolerence for everything, including pain.  So there you have it Steady's legs so I would LOVE all the help I can get to protect them the best I can.


  1. First off, OMG, you got a 34 in the dressage ring!! Congrats, girl, you should be VERY proud of that!

    Second, I think your front boots are ok for now. They will protect from brushing. But you will want something more solid for cross country.

    For your back boots, I'd still start with ankle boots with a molded shell. There are a bazillion out there. VTO is a great company and they carry these:

    That's what you are looking for, or some variation upon it. Here's some from EC too:

    Now XC boots are another animal entirely, and actually, if I was starting from scratch, I'd just buy a full set of Premier Equine XC boots with the blue vents, they are super breathable but have good leg protection and they are durable. They're actually one of the cheaper XC boot options, shockingly enough, and SmartPak has just started carrying them (they are a British product). But I usually save that kind of thing for XC only and boot lighter for schooling in a ring.

  2. I used Eskadron boots on my mare. They are a bit pricey but to me they are so worth it. They hold up nicely too...and you can stick them in the washing machine after they get dirty/sweater and they don't lose their form. I think you can get a boot set from Dover for about $120. And they have ones specifically for cross country.

  3. Stupid thing won't let me edit my comment. So HA, now I get to post multiple comments on YOUR blog, hee hee. I ALSO wanted to say that I am highly amused by Steady's face, great pics. And thank you very much for your overly kind praise, I am glad we can provide some entertainment! :-) Go eventing (as John says)!

  4. Hey! I came over here from the Solo blog. :-) I just wanted to say that I have a full set of the Premier Equine vented XC boots and they are NICE! I bought them in large, which are super-huge, and now I'm wishing I had bought the mediums. I do tend to ride/own large horses, but these boots are seriously big (especially the hind boots!).
    Since you're doing XC, it would make sense to get some boots with air-vents -- you certainly don't want your horse's tendons getting too hot!
    Anyways, just wanted to give you my two cents about the PEs. And, yes, I bought them from Smartpak (I buy just about everything from them) and they were only about $6 more (including shipping) than if I had bought them directly from the company (whose shipping would take longer, since they're in England).


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