Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is it that I love men too much or do I have something against women?

I was out in the pasture today and a thought occurred to me;  I have a thing for guys.  I am not particular about my men either.

                                                                 I love short ones.
I love fat ones.

                                                                         I love tall ones.

                                                          I even love extra hairy ones.

Where are all the girls?  Maybe I am making up for the fact that God saw to bless me with all female two legged children.  Really though this was by no means intentional but I do wonder if on some subconcious level this means something.

I can't help it I just love lots of big, little, fat, hairy guys, and if you promise not to tell I will tell you a secrect.  Promise?

I even love the....

                                                                  DIRTY ones!

In this post staring:

 Blaze as the short guy

Moonlight as the fat and dirty guy

Steady as the tall guy

Snappy as the hairy guy


  1. lol, all my furry babies are boys too...not planned but surely LOVED!

  2. LOL! I love this post! That is totally me too. I get along with boys better than girls any day lol. That however does not mean I don't love my Stormy girl. :)


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