Saturday, November 27, 2010

Put your money where your mouth is.

In some cases litereally.  The goals have been made and put down in writing.  Now how am I going to make those goals happen? 

Lessons:  I would like a lesson with A and L over the next two months.

Riding:  I need to ride at a minimum 3 x's a week.  Preferably 4.  One ride strictly dressage work, one ride dressage and jumping, one ride hacking/trail.  If 4th is fit in then dressage and jumping.  Practice and patience make perfect.

Money: I need to work on finding a position somewhere.  I need to start to bring in money.  If I cannot find a way to pay for my lessons then I cannot take them.  Also there is a fair amount of horse related items that I need and would like to own before next show season.  Those items cannot be purchased without money brought in by me.

So there you have it.  These are the steps I am taking to turn my goals from goals into reality.


  1. Great goals!
    POWER be to YOU for the resulution of seeing them done!

    I have had the same fits of these desires too and it weren't for having to move my TB mare so-many-times and saddle fit and bitting issues(oh yea, and $) over the years... her pain responses to those latter and all seemd to be against me.
    I've clamed down now with my fever... been trail riding, trying to help her get fit again.

    Your goals were mine...but my mare's mind does not like concentrated work in the maybe outdoor jumping?

    Hope to see that you've been riding again soon!

  2. Good luck on finding a job. I have a part time job to pay for my horse and dogs. It came in handy having a job too when my husband got injured.

    Good luck with your goals! They sound perfectly attainable to me. :)


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