Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dressage with Jenny Kaiser.

Second lesson, day 1 was with Jenny.   I have no pictures or video from this lesson.   Have I mentioned that it was 110 degrees outside with the heat index on Monday?  So it was a bit warm.  Steady was surprised to see me come back into his stall with the tack.  We didn't really spend any time warming up considering the long hot day and this being his second hour of work.  Especially after the last couple months he has been in very light work.  Great news is there was NO hint of unsoundness the entire week!

Jenny was over all pleased with Steady and I and she focused more attention on my lesson buddy.  But she pointed out Steady's lateral weakness.  So she had us do turns on the forehand and haunches in along the long side.  I think with time those two exercises will really help Steady and I.  He didn't quite get it all the time but we will just keep working at it.  One exciting thing that happened during the lesson was with my riding buddy.  Previously she had warned us that her and her adorable horse Moose have no control at a canter and have been known to run into people.  I laughed and said no problem I am sure it will be fine.  Well she wasn't joking.  Jenny had her cantering on a 20 meter circle at one end of the arena so Steady and I were keeping to the other end.  We were walking along and I see them heading directly for us so instead of move anymore I just stopped because I figured they had a better chance of missing us at a stand still than if we were moving around.  Well I think either way we were not safe.  They side swiped us and Moose stepped on Steady's right hind leg.  He gimped around for a minute then it passed...phew.  I think it just stung but still kinda crazy.  She was mortified and continued to appologize the entire rest of the week.  But no harm done and hey she did give me fair warning :).  After that lesson we ended our work for the day on a great note.  I was pleased with the entire day.  NOW time to cool off!

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  1. LOL! That's funny about your riding buddy. I'm glad nobody was seriously injured.

    Way to go on your great dressage work. It must be so fantastic to hear that you're on the right track. I'm glad she was able to give you some exercises to help with the lateral work.


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