Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cautiously excited!

I am home!  I actually came home early so I have been home since Saturday night.  I took a couple days to recover from the trip and spend some QT with my husband since the kids were not due to come home until Tuesday.  When I got home about 2 am Sunday morning I took a flashlight out to check on all the animals.  Everyone was accounted for and healthy all except Kitty.  The moment of truth was when I took off Steady's fly mask.  And YAY everything looked like it was healing up spledidly!!  Sunday afternoon when I finally rolled out of bed I went to do a once over in the day light.  The flies had gotten terrible while I was gone and it had rained maybe once so everything is super dry.  The horses were fly chasing like maniacs and the fly spray I had was not cutting it.  I also noticed their hooves are looking awful :(.  Cracking and chiping from the dry air/ground and all the stomping while chasing flies.  I have stocked up on good fly spray and Horseshoers Secret.  And applying both at least twice a day.  I am really hoping it will make a difference in Steady's hooves in the next week.  I will be badgering the farrier for his thoughts on his hooves and if they are healthy enough to deal with reshoeing.  The count down to event camp has begun!  Four days and I will be loaded up and heading to CAF (Come Again Farm)!!  I have started my lists of what to pack and what I need to get done before then.  So now you are caught up to today.  I can be excited but what I need is a sound horse and I had yet to find out where we stand on that front.  I was anxious to find out.

SOOOOO today I rode Steady for the first time for probably close to 3 weeks.  Also the first time since he has had his injections.  I lunged him first and all looked fine.  We had about a 30 minute ride(not counting warm up and cool down).  Walk trot canter in both directions and hop over a few jumps.  All seemed fine.  He pulled a shoe during our ride but thankfully it didn't do any damage....phew.  Farrier is coming out tomorrow morning anyway so he will be ready to go.  So that is that, I am not too quick to get excited but it is looking hopeful.  He did give me a couple fits but I think alot of his problems come from obedience issues.  He is so damn smart he finds little ways here and there to make sure he lets me know he is the boss.  We you know what?  I am done taking his crap!  I am going to stand my ground and not let the little things slide.  He needs an attitude adjustment and today was the start of that and you know what things go so much smoother when it is established that I am the boss!

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  1. Welcome back. :) I'm glad you had a good trip. And I'm glad Steady is sound! I'll send lots of good thoughts and prayers that he stays sound for the clinic. :)


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