Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sneak Peak at my week!!

Steady is mostly packed.  Tomorrow I need to pack my bags and we will ready to go!  It is about a two hour drive hauling the trailer to get to CAF.  One minor set back is my husband locked the keys in the truck this evening so departure will be pending 'operation free the truck keys'!  But the scheduele has been sent out and my first ride is grids with Peter Atkins at 9:15 Monday morning.  Along with 3 other ladies two of them who also have the lovely name Amy.  So Peter should have his hands full keeping us all straight.  Then Jennifer Kaiser on the flat at 3:15 with Amy Lopez (whom I have never met but look forward to it.  Amy also has a horsey blog).  Amy and I will be doing the rest of our rides together through Wednesday at least.  Since Thursday's scheduele is yet to be posted.   Tuesday 8am show jumping with Peter Atkins,  1pm with Leslie Law on XC!  Wednesday XC with Peter Atkins and show jumping ride-a-test with Dorothy Crowell at 5pm.

Those are all the official ride times with the exception of Thurday.  All the meals will be served by an amazing cook.  I will be sleeping in the 'dorm' on my air matress and thankfully have a friend that lives close by I can shower at her place.  Lee Ann has also purchased a pool and I am super excited to jump in that after the long hot July days.  On top of all the great lessons these are some other great things that are a part of camp.

  • I added stabling to the list but evidently I didn't save it. I will redo that and send it tonight.
  • I have Camp T-shirts for sale. Ta-Da! There are multiple sizes & colors, I will have a sharpie if you'd like to have the clinicians sign them for you
  • As always, parking is going to be a puzzle fit. Thanks for co-operating!
  • All passenger cars will need to park up front or down the farm lane. We have to keep access open to all barns at all times for emergency access.
  • No fans will be left plugged in overnight
  • Bring your swimsuit if you want to get in the pool to cool off.
  • The cook-out will be on Wednesday night.
  • Monday night Leslie Law will be doing a demonstration at 6:30. He will be riding 3 different horses, one is a BN horse that hasn't competed yet, one is a Training horse and one is an Intermediate horse--he will be wearing a mic & talking while he rides about what he is doing, why, and what he wants from each horse for the level they are doing. This is free to campers but there is a $10 audit fee for everyone else.
  • Tuesday night Peter Atkins will be doing a talk on Bits and how to properly use a whip. This will be at the end of the day.
  • Wednesday at Lunch Mike Breen will give a demo on how to pull a shoe, wrap a foot and answer any farrier questions.
  • Dr. Lani Gilliam will be available for Equine chiropractic, massage therapy and therapeutic laser treatments.
  • There will be a demo on how to do TPR's (temp/pulse/respiration) at some point--I'll put this on the board.
I am just so stoked about meeting people and learning and having this time to focus on me and Steady! We are ready, or as ready as we will ever be. I am concerned about the lack of fitness but hope we can still get a great amount of training out of it.


  1. I'm so excited for you! Sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to hear how it goes. Have fun!

  2. You will love Jenny Kaiser! She has been teaching me for several years and I LOVE her! You will make great improvements. Even with just one lesson. :) Have fun!


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