Monday, September 12, 2011

I just have to say this...

I have been waiting to post about this because I really wanted to have video to add in with this post but not having someone at my beg and call to be my personal videographer I have yet to get any taken.  I promise to keep on working on getting a video but I cannot wait any longer to tell you how pleased I have been with my Steady lately.  Our work has been enjoyable and effective.  I think some of it has to do with the fact that there is little to no pressure ever since I have resolved to take it back a notch in lessons and competing to not drive us further into financial issues.  And a I think I have figured out why Steady has at times opposed to work.  After hundreds in useless injections I have determined that his legs are amazingly and wonderfully perfect just the way they are.  I feel now his objections are coming from his back :( His lumbar has continually gone out since I have known the big guy.  I have had it corrected through chiropractic but even the chiro said that she is not sure why she cannot get it to stay put.

It does bother him some here and there but over all he seems to be happy in work.  I am keeping a close eye on him and will decide the next plan of action.  I am considering trying acupuncture.  Anyways I am here to talk about how well Steady is coming back into work after a nice break when the unrelenting heat took over this summer.  We are slowly taking what we learned at event camp and putting it into practice in a no pressure environment and it has been one good ride after another.  After what seemed like a bad start to the year with one frustrating thing after another everthing has really come full circle and I am very grateful for the progress and I am mostly grateful for the enjoyble time I have had with my horse in the last month.  Event camp finally broke my fear of galloping a very good race horse and since I have been enlightened to the thrill of galloping!  And ohhh do I love to go fast and of course Steady does, I mean of course!  Our work has consisted of galloping, steering, lateral, moving off my leg, jumping and some great trail rides.  Well rounded and balanced training program to hopefully yield a well rounded balanced horse.  Taking on the tedious task that Dorothy gave us of getting him to 'get' moving off of leg pressure has made a huge difference in every aspect our work.  It has made his steering better, lateral work better.  Things are just going good.

Tonight, I rode kinda late and I could tell that when I came out with tack in hand that Steady was hoping that instead of a saddle I would have his dinner.  So I gave him a kiss and promised him that I would make it short and sweet.  I made up my mind to just get some very simple lateral movement and get him moving off my leg(most of which all our rides consist of).  He obliged with my requests so trot, leg yeilds and 20 meter canter circles, a straight centerline halt and viola, done!  Easy peasy.   He was quickly rewarded with his dinner.  He is starting to use his hind end a little better.  I am asking for small improvements, taking it slow to make sure he is comfortable and fit enough to do anything I am asking and it is working great!  He is enjoying work more and so am I.  Win win!  I hope to have video evidence soon.


  1. Nice post! I took Murphy out last week to work on dressage, and instead took a leisurely "no pressure" trail ride. We both really enjoyed our time together! It's good to back off and relax sometimes.

  2. Yay Steady!! :) Hopefully as he continues to improve and get stronger, his back will stop acting up!

  3. :-) So glad you guys are doing well. You don't post nearly enough, you know. ;)


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