Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jump fun!!! Standard assembly and video.

Jumps have been a priority to me around here.  Making the move to beginner novice and only having 18" to 2 ft jumps to practice at my house and needing to add height to our work finding ways to do so have been on my brain.  I 'like' horsegirltv.com on facebook and this link was posted for a video on how to make jump standards.  After watching it I realized I already have everything I needed to make two jump standards.  All except the jump cups.  So I ordered some cheapo jump cups that cost me a whopping $18.00 for 4 including shipping.  So if you watch the jump making video just insert this guys 

 cute face and that is how my new jumps came about.  Yippee!!!   Here are some photos. 

Here is video of our first jumps over them.  I just 'love' my husband and daughter's vote of confidence in our abilities over a little 2'1" jump.  Gotta love them!

We started at 18" an moved them up to only  2'4" and clearly that height is just not a big deal to the big guy.  He just kinda hops over them.  But I am sooooo happy with the change in my jumping position, and my approach,again thank you Peter!  I no longer climb his neck and my leg is solid and no sliding back!!  On approach I sit back, plant my legs, push him forward and wait for him to find his spot.  Yay!  Also I am always open to critiquing, not that I am saying I will do what you say but I don't mind knowing what others see in our work.  In other words poor girl riding lessons :)


  1. You guys are looking really great! Your position is awesome and he's got a super little jump on him. Well done :)

  2. Amy, you guys look awesome. Balanced, rhythm, relaxation, what more could you want. Those jumps are nothing for him. :D Who's jealous of who now? ;)

  3. Poor girl lessons? You guys look awesome! Seriously!!!!!

  4. Thank you all so much! I am not kidding when I say Peter Atkins totally made all the difference in the world in steady and my jumping abilities. I can't say enough about how awesome he is. Before camp we were an off unbalanced crooked mess. And I was a neck climbing, blob of a rider. I have felt the difference in our work but it feels so good to have you gals notice too. Thank you!

  5. You guys look fantastic!! I can't critique jumping because I know nothing about it but from my inexperienced eyes you two look like total pros! Steady loves to jump, doesn't he? He's so awesome.

    Your daughter is too cute. :)

    I love that picture of you and your husband. Very nice. The jumps are awesome too. He did a great job on them.

    Keep up the fantastic work!


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